Razer’s Piranha Gaming Headset


High fidelity gaming

Razer’s new Piranha gaming headset is the successor to their popular Barracuda headphones. The Piranha focuses on high-fidelity rather than Barracuda’s surround technology, so this new headset is stereo only.

The Piranha features in-line controls to adjust the headset volume, and there is a button to mute the microphone.  The headphones have a frequency range of 18 – 22,000 Hz with an impedance of 32 ohms.  The headphones are not a complete around-the-ear, but the foam pads so seal your ears to eliminate most background noise.

The headset was very comfortable during the five minutes I was allowed to play with it.  The foam pads are vinyl (or something similar) so it is unknown how sweaty your head will get with prolonged use.  The headset was very comfortable and very cushiony and didn’t compress my head together like some other headphones I’ve used.  They connect using a standard 3.5mm headphone jack, rather than the Barracuda’s DVI connector.

Audio quality was very good, as the unit delivered very impressive bass response, almost as good as higher-priced headsets like the JBL 510.  Although there isn’t any noise-cancelling technology integrated in the headphones, the noisy show floor melted away thanks to the snug earpieces, which sealed around my ears.  There was no noticable hiss at all, only the sound of my limp body being thrashed around by a rocket launcher.

The microphone is attached to the left earpiece, and can be easily flipped out of the way and isn’t obtrusive at all.  I wasn’t able to test out how well the microphone’s noise-cancelling technology works, which may be important at a noisy LAN party.