Razer Sphex Mousepad Review


Cheap, but not on performance

Remember a few generations ago when civilization thought it had arrived once there were flying cars and lasers all over the place?  Well I’m still waiting on my H.P. Hovercraft, but laser technology is so common that it’s in just about everything, including computer mice.  The use of a laser sensor (or two) is used in the pointing devices for extremely accurate positioning, and tracks on just about every surface. Regardless of this fact, PC gamers (and desktop jockeys) still look for high-end mousepads for their digital rodents.

A performance user demands several things from a high-end gaming mousepad, which are the features that warrant an average $50 pricetag.  Razer makes several different performance mousepads, all of which are rather pricey, but they have released their new Sphex mousepad, which claims to offer great performance and easy portability with a measly $15 entry point.

Since you’re an avid reader of OCmodshop, you know how we do things.  After our obligatory list of features we’ll take it for a test drive.  First, we come to the…


  • High performance surface for both optical and laser mice
  • Currently the world’s thinnest gaming-grade mousing surface
  • Extra thin to avoid restrictions
  • Adheres to any surface using a special multiuse adhesive
  • Washable surface
  • Approximate size: 320mm (length) x 230mm (width)

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