Razer Lachesis Gaming Mouse Hands-On


Say Hello to the Ultimate Gaming Mouse

Razer’s Lachesis is probably the most advanced and precise gaming mouse ever devised.  It uses the brand new 3G Laser Sensor, which brings true 4000dpi precision to your desktop or games by enabling movement speeds of up to 5 times that of a typical gaming mouse (at 800dpi).

Additionally, all nine of Lachesis’ buttons are programmable and has 32KB of onboard memory.  It also features 1000Hz Ultrapolling for a 1ms response time.  The mouse also features on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment, so you can vary the actual dpi setting (in 125dpi increments).  The mouse also has nice professional touches like Zero-Acoustic Ultraslick Teflon feet and a gold-plated USB plug.

PC Gamers have flocked to Razer’s popular Copperhead and DeathAdder gaming mice for its quality features and accurate precision, and the Lachesis offers more of what fans will love.  Design-wise it appears to be a hybrid between the Deathadder and Boomslang, but the internal sensor is what will interest most gamers.  The 4000dpi engine outdoes even Logitech’s upcoming G9 gaming mouse (which uses a 3200dpi engine).

The mouse features the same matte black color and backlit mouse wheel of Razer’s other mice, and feels very comfortable. One of the flaws of ergonomic mice is that they can only be used by right-handers comfortably.  The Lachesis has a symmetrical design that Southpaws can use, as the thumb buttons are mirrored on both the left and right side of the mouse.  The thumb buttons are positioned in a way that the opposite side shouldn’t be accidentally clicked with your fifth digit.

In use, this mouse is extremely sensitive. Razer had a booth running Quake 3 arena, and I was able to twitch around almost completely with a short flick of the wrist.  Even with such high sensitivity I was still able to hone in on other players far away.

The mouse features nine programmable buttons, but the two below the scroll wheel will likely be left to on-the-fly sensitivity adjustment.  Of the nine buttons are left click, right click, center click (mouse wheel), two left thumb buttons, two right thumb buttons, and two buttons below the scroll wheel.

Since it’s completely programmable, the Lachesis could even be the ultimate desktop mouse, as the button profiles are stored in hardware, enabling the possibility of Office macros.  The mouse’s high sensitivity also make navigating today’s high-resolution multi-monitor desktops a breeze, too.

The mouse isn’t exactly cheap at $79.99, but is competitive with the Logitech G9 and Microsoft SideWinder, who are priced between $60 and $100.  If you’re a twitch gamer that can’t have enough sensitivity, then the Lachesis is really the only mouse for your PC games.