Razer Imperator 5600dpi Gaming Mouse Review


Light, yet Powerful

One problem with gaming mice is that they’re usually big, heavy, and have lots of buttons. If a mouse is full-featured then is usually comes with a similarly full-featured size. Usually small and ultra-light mice are given away with laptops or are intended for office use, and thus not very powerful or useful.

Gaming laptops are becoming more and more common at LAN parties (and for techies on the go). There are a lot of laptops that feature amazing onboard nVidia and ATI graphics chips, and can be considered true desktop replacements. Since they were meant to be portable, why would you also want to lug around a large mouse and lots of accessories?

Razer’s Imperator gaming mouse is the exception to this general rule. It packs a lot of powerful features and a 5600 dpi laser sensor into one of the smallest and lightest packages we’ve seen in a gaming mouse.

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