Rayman Raving Rabbids Review


A game about demonic bunnies

Title Rayman: Raving Rabbids
Rating Everyone!
Developer Ubisoft
Release Date November 19th, 2006
Platform Wii, Xbox 360, PC, PS2, PSP
Genre Action/Adventure

Rayman was a launch title for the Wii, and many of us are wondering, “what is keeping this game competitive with Zelda!?!?!” Rayman Raving Rabbids is a constant best-seller, and has been increasingly difficult to find on the shelf lately. The few new copies sell out usually within a day, and for what reason? Because we like to hit crazed rabbits with plungers? Evidently so….

Rayman has taken a break from his platforming adventures. Sitting quietly one day with his frog-like buddies, he becomes aware that something just isn’t right. When a psychotic looking bunny with a slob of drool on his face peers up at him from a hole in the ground, Rayman knows things are definitely not normal. Suddenly, a giant robotic bunny appears and drags Rayman off to an arena mimicking the Roman Coliseum. Rayman must beat the bunnies at their own game to get his friends back!

Rayman’s story is oh-so-simple…. but surprisingly is deliciously fun. Each day, Rayman must compete in 4 mini-games (trials). If he wins 3 out of 4, he is given the chance to play the final trial, in which he wins one of his froggy buddies back. After he wins the final trial, he gets to go to his cell. The cell has a few fun options, sitting on the crapper gives you time to review what you did for the day and allows you to play your favorite mini-games again. Looking up at the window gives you a nice surprise (don’t take my word for it… I dare you to look!), and the costume wardrobe allows Rayman to get funky in no time flat.

The mini-games are really the heart and soul of RRR. They are ludicrous and insanely hilarious at the same time. This game really uses the Wii controllers, so if you have the PS2 version, you are a sad loser. No offense, but really, the extensive use of the Wii controllers are what makes this game fun. I went to town throwing cows, drawing food to make rabbids fat, filling up masks with carrot juice, running around explosive gifts, and shooting plungers at rabbids. The best part (SPOILERS!) is making those stupid rabbids dance. DANCE RABBIDS, DANCE! They really do dance the disco like in those commercials. Believe me, after playing for an hour, I was dancing too.