RAM Upgrades for Noobs

A-Data DDR2-800 4GB Installed

Intro for Noobs

Many of the people who come to OCmodshop are tinkerers like us.  They like to upgrade their computers every chance they get, they can tear down a fully-loaded tower to nothing but nuts and screws and put it together again in an hour.  Hell, many of us do that at least once a month.  I hate the idea of leaving dirt and lint inside my case.  Some guys have their cars, some guys have their guns, we have our PCs.

Not everyone knows how to build a computer scratch, and many more are completely clueless when it comes to something as simple as upgrading a stick of RAM.  So I’m going to give a quick and dirty lesson on how to install new memory on your motherboard.  A memory upgrade can mean the difference between tens of frames per second in a game.  It can mean a difference of minutes to hours in rendering time for people who play around with 3D modeling, as I do in my spare time.  Without a decent amount of memory, your “fast as hell” processor is nothing.  Where do you think it fetches the majority of its info with which to process?

If you want to speed up your OS, programs, video playback, gaming experience… the first step should always be to check into a memory upgrade.  Before I go any further, I want to reiterate.  This is a noob guide, for those who have no idea what they are doing.  We’ve all been there.  We all know someone like that.  Ready noobs?  Let’s get dirty.