RAM question

Ya know, here’s a question. . .can anyone tell the true difference between the RAM? My dad and I are useing the same processor, yet he has 512 MB DDR and I have 768 MB of SDRAM. (I don’t feel like buying a new MOBO quite yet) I can’t tell the difference. His is PC2100 and mine is PC133. So if anyone can tell the difference, let me know.

I assume you’re using Pentium IIIs, in which case you’re not going to see much if any performance difference. If you’re using Athlons then the difference will be eaten up by the extra RAM you have.

Given identical hardware, the DDR system will perform better until you get into that extra RAM, which helps alot of things (such as disk cacheing, mostly).

Just as an FYI: most servers being sold are just now switching to DDR RAM with the E7500, AMD 760MP(X), X Serve and Serverworks GC chipsets. SDRAM was nearly universal and still is nearly so in servers with all of the Suns using multi-channel SDRAM (switching soon). And servers are definitely latency and bandwith hungry, so they usually get a proven technology first. But to give you an idea, the Serverworks Champion HE chipset uses quad channel PC100 SDRAM, the Serverworks LE and HE-SL use single and dual channel PC100/133 SDRAM, respectively, the Suns use quad channel PC150 SDRAM, the i440GX uses single channel PC100 … up until recently the only alternative was the i840 and i860 chipsets with dual channel RDRAM. Now the E7500 uses dual channel PC1600 DDR SDRAM, the AMD 760MP(X) uses single channel PC2100 DDR SDRAM, and the Serverworks Grand Champion uses quad channel PC1600 DDR SDRAM. The E7500 and GC are getting dual channel PC2100 DDR SDRAM soon with the Xeons getting bumped to a 133 MHz FSB, but that’s still a bit in the future with Plumas and Placer.