Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Walkthrough


A Brief Foreword

Well, it didn’t take long for this series to wrap it up, after the “cliff hanger” of an ending for the last game. But to be perfectly honest, I have  no clue what the story of the last game was about. Something about Irena, and then someone that betrayed us, probably Gabe. But I didn’t quite see the  connections in the plot, probably because I don’t have the story of the first game down.

But other than the plot holes in my mind, and the obviously cheese for a plot of this game anyway, the actual gameplay is nothing new. It’s basically an  expansion pack for the last game, as nothing new is done and it just seems like more of the same. Granted, this and the last game are great at what they do, which is tactical, squad-based shooting.

Game Informer says it best. Something like “you don’t stop eating your favorite food because it’s the same.” That’s what you will feel like after you play this game. Tastes great, but it’s nothing new.


PS – Unless I’ve just overlooked it, it sucks that there are no subtitles for this game. That could have helped me not understand any of the early story. So feel free to change the sound options.


If anyone would like to email me the PS3 controls, that would be great. Though, I imagine the PS3 controls mimic these.

button action button action
A team move RT fire
X reload; hold for weapon options like ROF and silencer, also laser sight LT take cover
B throw grenade RS look; click to zoom
Y change gun; hold to change to pistol and to change grenade LS move; click to crouch; click while on rope to turn upside down
RB change vision; hold for menu DPAD team orders
LB tag terroist; hold to sprint start pause menu
back change ROE; hold for mini-map

Starter Tips

  1. Please check the controls – It’s in the pause menu under options, and the section above this in my guide for you 360 owners. You need to know the Rules of Engagement (ROE), Rate of Fire (ROF), commands for when your team has orders, and the various other dual functions for the many buttons
  2. You have options for your assault – Not only do most rooms with enemies have two doors, some even have alternate approaches. Some may have skylight points to rappel, some may have windows to shoot through, and not to mention the many options for going through a door, such as flash, frag, and breach.
  3. You have two teammates, and you are not them, thus, they are better suited to enter the unknown – So if you don’t know what is around the corner, send your friends ahead of you. Even if you think the area is clear, send your guys ahead of you anyway.
  4. Would be #1, but by now you better realize cover is a little important – Yes, stay behind cover as long as you can, pop out to shoot and return to the cover. If you are under fire, go hide, it’s that simple. The new sprint button helps a lot too.
  5. ACES high – The new ACES system, which is the same as any RPG leveling up scheme, will let you gain new abilities and items as you progress. You will probably use more long range attacks, so your Marksman rank will advance quickly. Assault and Close Quarters points are harder to get, but with some attention you can focus on those too. The point is, you get new stuff for getting higher ranks, so it’s up to you what you unlock. #6. Mix and match – Part of all the items and things you unlock, you can use different combinations of guns and attachments. So for almost any gun you can put on a nifty scope. And in this game you can change up your armor, but pay attention to how much mobility you sacrifice for protection.no