Raidmax 520w RX-520XP Titanium Power Supply Review



Raidmax recently sent us a new power supply, the RX-520XP Titanium, their 520 Watt flagship model. Raidmax is a company who is well known for their creative and budget minded cases as well as power supplies and computer accessories. This particular supply touts a large list of features, some of which I haven’t seen before even on much more expensive models. Here are some of those features I pulled from the Raidmax website:

  • All connectors are gold-plated for more stable outputs
  • Output-cables are twisted wires reducing EM-Interferences
  • Supports OVP, OCP & SCP (Short-Circuit Protection)
  • ATX12V version 1.3 and downwards compatible
  • Intel Pentium 4. & AMD K7/K8 CPU compatible
  • Silence Control Technology with Dual-Fans for Whispering operation of 21-22dBA at up to 60% load
  • Two Serial-ATA hard disk-connectors built-in
  • ECASO Technology, keep fans running for cooling down you power and system 3 mints after shut down the power
  • Video Card Connector with Noise Filter for Power-Hungry Video Card

One particular feature of note is the ECASO Technology (Enhanced Cooling After System Off). This particular feature can continue to run several fans in your case roughly 3 minutes after you turn off your system. This allows you to dissipate the residual heat leftover once the fans have all shut off. If you run a hot system, this may help extend the life of some components more susceptible to heat like hard disk drives. I know of several 3rd party solutions which allow you to do this but I have never seen it done on a power supply.

The power supply came in a conservative satin black box clad with the company logo and the phrase The Power of Silence, indicating that this power supply is meant to fit right in with other lower noise power options. The feature list is laid out nicely over the sides of the box. Raidmax definitely wanted this product to look good on store shelves. Inside you can see the supply was packaged well with full bubble wrap.

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Besides the supply itself there are several accessories included such as a 24 to 20 pin ATX adapter, mounting hardware, zip-ties, an interesting looking power cable and a manual. The power cable has a rubbery feel to it, much more flexible than standard black cables. It also has visible semi shielding and a cylindrical line conditioner near one end to assist in surge protection. The manual included with the supply has detailed installation instructions, warnings and warranty information.

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Here you can see why they have branded this unit Titanium. It has a fully mirrored finish with a grey gunmetal color to it, looks very impressive in person. I took a picture looking into the finish just to show how mirrored the case really is, you could shave using the thing. This unit boasts three 80mm fans for cooling, two inlet one outlet, all of which are electronically controlled and react to system temperature, thereby reducing noise levels when the system isn’t running full steam. The rear of the power supply has an on/off switch, 110/220v selector, power connector and an auxiliary power connector which switches on/off when the power supply turns on. This is a great feature for those liquid cooling with 110v AC pumps.

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On the side of the power supply the power and current ratings have been listed for this and the lesser model of power supply. Note the strong 5Volt rail and the 18Amps on the 12Volt rail. This is more than enough to run plenty of fans and accessories, although I would have liked to see a stronger 12Volt rail on a 520Watt model but the rating is well justified either way.

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