Well, I agree that Raid 5 is slower than raid 0 because if the extra “on-the-fly” parity that must be calculated and written, but there is no way that I should be getting 6MB a second read and write speed… it should at least be as fast as a single drive, which should be at least 20MB a second… and gigabit ethernet is way faster than a single hard drive (assuming everything is working properly).

I also have a single drive in the unit, and don’t get much better throughput when reading or writing to it, either. 

I’ve tested copying from other computers, and am still only able to top out at 13MB a second… WAY slower than gigabit should be delivering.

This RAID 5 array is a NAS appliance I’m testing, so if it truly tops out at 6MB a second write speed then it’s gonna get a horrible score… because of the way this thing works, it’s not worth using it as JBOD, single drive, or even RAID 0… either RAID 5 or don’t bother.

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