Quit My Job

I quit my job today.

This is what I said:

Boss (name not to be mentioned)

Unfortunately, I feel that this position no longer has my best interests at heart.

I hereby tender my immediate resignation.

MWA HAHAH! I didn’t talk about this earlier…. but she humiliated me in front of customers on Saturday, then criticized my writing ability. I’m sorry… but erm… aren’t I one of the staff WRITERS for this website? Don’t I usually write clearly and coherently? Don’t I have a 3.85 GPA in school? This from someone who uses me as their human spellcheck. HRMPH!

Good news though…. I got a huge piano gig today accompanying a vocal teacher’s students. More details soon I hope. Hooray!

I didn’t say “kiss my ass” but I wish I could have.

I sent the email at around 9am yesterday morning, but apparently she didn’t get it until this morning. She tried to give me a call… haha… but obviously I didn’t answer it. Taking the mature way out, eh?

In other news I took my final this morning, and it took approximately 30 minutes. Nice…. so now I’m tired and have a few hours to spend doing chores. Erm… woot woot?

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