QPAD CT Gaming Mousepad Review


Cloth AND plastic?

Anyone living in Europe and is into gaming will most likely have heard of QPAD (especially if you live in cold-ass Sweden).  I first came in contact with QPAD products on the local lanparties when I had a nice talk with them at Dreamhack 2007 Winter edition.  I figured it would be nice to get some extra information to the OCMS readers who haven’t heard of this manufacturer of premiere Gaming Gear.

I will be reviewing the QPAD CT Series, which is a cloth pad.  It doesn’t feel like cloth at all, due to QPAD’s innovative “Hybratek” coating, which they describe as a mix of plastic and a cloth pad.  The top feels smooth and slick like plastic, but has the softness of a cloth pad.

“For all users with high demands on precision, feel and functionality this is the mouse pad that delivers. CT series smooth Hybratek™ coating ensures that the mouse registers every detail of the smallest mouse movement. It offers a smooth and a controlled glide with an optimum level of friction. Whether you are a hardcore gamer or work with other demanding tasks such as graphic design or large spreadsheets, you’ll thrill to the task”

Now don’t worry: this isn’t one of those shaggy cloth things you get with a new PC which will come apart.  The surface on this baby won’t come off for a while (or so the rep at Dreamhack told me), and I’m willing to believe them. The mat just feels like a quality product.  On a side note the QPAD CT is available in 2 colors; black and white, and is delivered on your doorstep in a thin plastic tube.

In the anti slipping department you are covered as well.  I’m afraid I need to write off my old Steelpad we reviewed, as the anti-slip coating on that one has disappeared so it gets nudged  across my desk.  The QPAD mat, on the other hand has a rubber under-coating (or more like a surface onto a rubber coat).  The top surfance and base are vulcanized together making a virtually inseparable surface with a anti-slip base that will not wear out.

Another nice thing is that the mat comes with a small strip of their “Glidz” anti-friction pads to add to your mice.  I’ve had multiple types of glider feet (Teflon tape, etc), but this one is the first one that actually improves the feel and movement over the mat, and it’s nice and thick so this won’t wear out as quickly as other tapes.