QNAP TS-109 Pro NAS Storage Review


Everything you could want in a NAS

Many homes today have several computers distributed throughout the house, and there is always some common data to share between them.  Whether it be MP3s, photos, videos, drivers, games, or whatever; it is alot more convenient to have a single repository of these files that everyone on your home network can access.  Some people utilize a home network server that just sits around and gobbles up electricity, when its sole purpose is just to keep your files accessible 24/7.

A Networked Attached Storage (NAS) appliance can serve the purpose of a home file server, and do it by sipping only 20 watts of electricity.  Some NAS devices have other value-added services like print servers, media servers, full-features web server, and other handy features that can easily replace a large noisy computer.

QNAP is one company that has several innovative NAS appliances on offer.  Their TS-109 Pro NAS server has a ton of exciting features that cater to the home and small business user.  The unit also has some nifty features to dynamically expand storage and copy data to the unit without a computer.  Not only can the unit serve files, but it also has support as a Media Server for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 consoles, in addition to all of the other standard NAS features.

QNAP TS-109 Turbo Station is the most powerful Network Attached Storage (NAS) product designed for SOHO/ Home users. With the friendly web-based interface, users can easily set up a network system for all sorts of storage applications without MIS help. With stylish silver/ black aluminum housing, noise-free (Silent PC) design, easy installation, and complete server feature sets, you can easily build up a perfect multimedia storage center for backing up and sharing multimedia files with your friends and family. TS-109 provides a lot of attractive server functions, such as iTunes Server, UPnP/ DLNA Media Server (TwonkyMedia) with Internet Radio, Multimedia Station, BitTorrent Download Station, etc. for multimedia applications.

All-in-one NAS server also provides the most complete backup solution for SOHO/ Home users: Remote Replication (R.R); Anto-Sync/ Instant/ Schedule client backup by professional Netbak Replicator; Unique Q-RAID 1 mirroring for real-time system redundancy to secure the priceless files safely. QNAP TS-109 Turbo Station supports high volume SATA disk of up to 1 TB and is extendable to 2 TB by ultra-fast eSATA and USB 2.0 port. Besides, more valuable features such as disk checking, bad block scanning, and network recycle bin, etc. are included. TS-109 is definitely one of the most powerful and safest repository to ensure all of your precious digital files be stored securely and will never be lost or damaged. TS-109 can run 24×7 without any fan noise at low power consumption for only 14.4W. It is perfectly designed for a quiet SOHO/ Home environment.

Powerful All-in-one NAS Server (12-in-1 Server !!!)

UPnP Media Server (with built-in TwonkyMedia Server)
TS-109 is a perfect media storage center and it works well with DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) compliant media players. You can play the photos and videos on TV. In addition, you can listen to your favorite music and Internet Radio on your Hi-Fi System.
Share your music by iTunes Server
Music fans and Apple enthusiasts will be certainly rocked by the coolest music-sharing feature of TS-109! All your MP3 music can be collectively stored and streamed to Mac or Windows PC. Just turn on the iTunes program and enjoy all the music around your home network
Multimedia Station for photo sharing
Now you can share photos with your family and friends by TS-109. By uploading your photos to TS-109, the server automatically generates a web-based photo album with thumbnails and details, such as date, resolution, focal length, aperture, etc.. You can browse and share the digital photos in a convenient way!
Enjoy continuous download independent of PC
TS-109 serves as a continuous download machine without turning on your PC. TS-109 supports download through BitTorrent, FTP and HTTP. The great web-based interface allows you to manage the download tasks anytime, anywhere!
Create your own File Server in the easiest way
The basic purpose of File Server is to allow users to store and share files. Users often concern that their private data or confidential files would be accessed by others. TS-109 allows server manager to create user ID and password, and define the authority and quota for each user. Thus personal data stored on TS-109 are well protected.
FTP Server simplifies the data sharing
Having troubles with sending large files by e-mail due to the limited capacity? You can establish your own FTP server by using TS-109. You can manage the access authority of the FTP server and share your files with your friends or customers easily in a few steps.
Backup Server with the most professional auto-backup software
Data backup may sound time- and effort-consuming for most users. QNAP’s Turbo Station now brings you the enterprise-class technology to make backup extremely simple and efficient! The most intelligent automatic backup software, NetBak Replicator, is provided for users to perform real-time synchronization or schedule backup from multiple PCs to TS-109.
Enhanced data protection by optional RAID-1 mirroring
Imagine, your server’s hard drive crashes and you lose everything. What would you do to have it back? QNAP’s exclusive Q-RAID 1 provides the ultra-high-level redundancy, which helps to keep a real-time synchronized mirror in your external USB or eSATA hard drive box. In case the main storage is damaged, the backup disk can be installed to TS-109 to resume normal operation
Remote Replication
Remote Replication provides a superior level of data protection. Files can be backed up from TS-109 to other QNAP NAS products in remote locations. Advanced options including data compression, block level incremental backup, and data synchronization save tremendous bandwidth and time for data backup.
Establish your interactive Web Server
Owning a web server is no more a dream! With the dual support of MySQL and SQLite, SOHO/ Home users can easily set up their own web server. With the editable php.ini support, there is no need of going through all the hassles of setting up a web server. You can either develop programs by yourself or download a variety of open-sourced applications, such as online shops, forums, blogs, etc., over the Internet.
MySQL Server
TS-109 is the most affordable choice as a standalone database server for system integrators. It can be applied flexibly in various deployments such as a database server of another web server in remote site or as an additional backup database server to achieve system redundancy.
Share your printer resource by Printer Server
You can share your printer device over the network without duplicating investment by simply connecting a USB printer to TS-109’s USB port and enabling the printer sharing function.

Sharing files across Windows and Mac
TS-109 is specially designed for different users to share the files across Windows and Mac environment.

Stylish silver/ black aluminum case
TS-109 uses the stylish silver/ black aluminum housing to match your interior design.

No fan design
The fan used inside a device is for the purpose of cooling system, no matter how quiet it is, the fan has to be activated for air ventilation. Somehow, it is inevitable to generate intermittent chirping noise which distracts your work or diminishes your enjoyment. TS-109 adapts no fan design approach by using silver/ black aluminum case for thermal dissipation. It provides an absolute quiet working environment for you!!
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One touch USB auto copy
When a USB device such as digital camera, digital camcorder, or pen drive is plugging into the front panel USB port, data in the USB flash disk or digital photos in your camera can be backed up to TS-109 automatically by simply pressing the USB copy button.

Unique advanced HDD health scanning (HHS)
No idea how’s the health status of your centralized storage hard disk? TS-109 is embedded with HHS technology which lets you to perform checking disk and bad blocks scanning to prevent potential data loss.

Unique Web File Manager
TS-109 provides unique Web File Manager function for you to easily download, upload and manage the files on the server by browser.

SSL Security (HTTPS)
You can access and manage your Turbo Station by using web browser securely. All connections between PC and NAS including user ID, password, files, download tasks, etc. are encrypted in SSL tunnels and are well protected.

Remote management of download tasks on multiple Turbo Stations
QGet is powerful P2P download management software provided with QNAP’s Turbo Station series. QGet can be installed on any Windows computers for users to simultaneously manage BitTorrent, FTP and HTTP download tasks of multiple Turbo Station servers.

Network Recycle Bin
Can you imagine if you delete an important file on the NAS by mistake and lose it forever? You don’t need to worry now! The files deleted from the network shares of the TS-109 will be moved to a particular recycle bin folder. You can restore your data anytime in case of unintended file deletion.

Built-in DDNS support
TS-109 supports dynamic DNS (DDNS). You can register a unique domain name from a DDNS service provider and assign it to your Turbo Station. There is no more need to remember a lengthy IP address!

Establish a PC-less Home Multimedia Center by Using QNAP NAS and PS3 or Xbox 360

All the multimedia contents stored on QNAP NAS can be automatically shared to a PS3 or an Xbox 360 in the home network. Users can play their stored photos and videos on a TV, or listen to the music via their Hi-Fi system. QNAP NAS can be a perfect home storage and sharing center for establishing a PC-less, HD video-playing (via PS3, video resolution up to 1080p), highly accessible, and power-saving digital home theatre.

Ultra-high-speed Performance

Thermal Performance

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Low Power Consumption

Quiet and Noise-free Design