PS3 Waaay too much

I agree with several points in your argument, specifically Xbox’s head start and PS3’s hefty price tag…. however… we do know that the PS3 is coming out before christmas, but a 30GB hard drive will cost $599. That’s WAYYYYYYYYY to much for a normal person. Hell, I had a hard time coming up with $400 for the Xbox 360! But Nintendo helps by offering the Wii at around $150, plus it’s capabilities. But, we all know how much nintendo has promised before but under-delivered. Being a Zelda and Mario lover, I will have to get the Wii, and I’ve also been incredibly happy with my DS lately. But PS3… gee…. I just dunno if I will be able to come up with that much money….and sh*t I don’t need another DVD player… I already have 2, same with probably everyone else.

I know they are friggin’ fabulous! I LLOOOVVEEE my DS lite… I take it everywhere! It’s great fun!

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