PS3 sales figures ‘not good’ – IDC

IDC analyst Billy Pidgeon has told that Sony must produce more first-party software for PlayStation 3 or risk seeing more and more units left on shop shelves.

Pidgeon’s comments follow the release of NPD’s videogame sales data for 2006 which, according to SCEA boss Jack Tretton, show “the power of PlayStation”.

The IDC analyst said he agreed with Tretton that the power of the brand “is confirmed with the PS2’s performance in the market”, adding that sales of hit titles such as Guitar Hero 2 meant that last year “PS2 was helpful to most third-party publishers’ bottom lines”.

However, he continued, “The PlayStation brand doesn’t appear to be helping the PS3. If NPD’s numbers are correct, there are over 300K PS3s on retail shelves. That is not good for a console launch of only a million and it’s not good for publishers with PS3 software.”

Pidgeon warned that Sony must focus on the games available for PlayStation 3 and the number of first-party titles in development, stating, “Software libraries are the key driver of console sales, and no console is going to sell on the promises – they’ve got to deliver.

“Sony needs more must-have first party titles to sell consoles. Gamers know Halo 3 is coming on the Xbox 360, and they can expect Mario on the Wii, but there are no established first party franchises coming to the PS3 except Gran Turismo – and that is delayed.”

Pidgeon did say that first-party PS3 games Heavenly Sword and Motorstorm “look great”, but observed, “They are new and less anticipated.”