PS3 is lousy

Okay I know this is going to spark some controversy, but that’s what we need!

I wouldn’t spend my money on a PS3 at the moment because it comes with lousy stuff, has no decent games out for me to buy, and has lost its exclusivity.
Sure, Resistance Fall of Man is a big deal, but I get my kicks with Gears of War, Lost Planet, and Zelda, which have come out for systems I currently own.
I do not have $600 to spend on a system that comes with 1 controller and sh*tty cables. The 60 GB doesn’t even come with nice component cables, you have to buy them for an extra $30! It doesn’t come with a game (like the Wii) or an impressive set of titles (like the Xbox 360).
The biggest games coming out for the PS3 eventually will be God of War III, Gran Turismo 5, and any Final Fantasy game. However, Square-Enix has admitted that they do not want to champion one system, so the FF series will now be available for other systems as well. As far as what systems that will be is uncertain, but that means I have no reason to buy a PS3 for Final Fantasy. God of War II is coming out for the PS2 shortly, even though the PS3 is currently out! Lastly, Gran Turismo fans can be won over by the impressive display of racing titles currently available for the Xbox 360. What do I need a PS3 for?
The PS3 has around 10 games available for it, and almost all of them are available on the PS2, Xbox 360, or Wii. AND the games are cheaper! Gah!
The blue-ray player is nice, but they aren’t making a whole lot of movies using blue-ray technology yet. The only movies I’ve sold in my store have been Talledega (sp?) Nights and Click. Why not spend less and get it on DVD for now? Plus, I heard that the blue-ray players were blowing up in the factory anyway.
I’m not saying that I won’t eventually buy a PS3 somewhere down the line, but what is the point now? Someone convince me that it is worth $600….. please!
A fan (Marc Paed) let me know that Wario Ware does indeed have a multiplayer, but it’s only available after you beat the singleplayer! I put a thingy in the article…. and I changed some of the ratings based on that. Sorry everybody! I didn’t have the time to play the game to the end yet!
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