Hardware That Sucks After All


We review many products here at [OC]ModShop, and try to be as honest as we possibly can.  Sometimes we review a product that gets very high marks initially, but then we discover things about them that would make us re-think what we’ve stated about it.  Either we discover something unexpected about the product, we find the competition has something better, or the product just simply breaks.

Everything can look peachy-keen at first glance, and the product performs great for a little while… then parts begin to fail, or we receive inconsistent performance.  The time spent trying to diagnose or fix the problem when we could have just started using another product.

Here is a list of items we’ve reviewed over the years that had an initially good outlook, but then things went horribly, horribly wrong after the review was published.

Perfect Dark Zero
PDZ was a great launch title for the Xbox 360, but looking back there really weren’t the quality titles that are available today.  Many reviewers gave PDZ a good review, but if it were released today then it couldn’t stand up.

PDZ did have good high-definition graphics, and a decent storyline (especially if you were a fan of the original game).  The single-player FPS gameplay had soooo been done, and there really wasn’t anything new or innovative about it (other than catching a glimpse of some digital midriff when the cutscene shows Joanna in third-person mode).

The multiplayer portion of the game was absolutely horrible, even for games of the time.  The gameplay was unimaginative, most of the characters looked too much alike, movement was sloppy, and Xbox Live was still working out a few kinks.  All of these things added up to one horrible experience that I doubt few people enjoyed.

Madlights LED Lighting
Initially this appeared to be a good kit.  The company has since gone under, and there is no where to purchase these items.  It was a good idea, but was really just the raw materials for what a polished lighting kit could be.

Asus A8N SLI Deluxe
network port failed, audio failed, and eventually every part of the motherboard failed.  I don’t entirely blame Asus, as I have owned several different nForce-4 based motherboards, and every single one of them has either died, or had enough components of the motherboard fail that make it unusable.

Verbatim 4GB Store n Go USB Hard Drive
Good innovative product, but the wired dongle was a bad idea, the connections became loose, and looking back the performance was abysmal.  In general all U3 and Ceedo-based technologies can be added to any device by installing a neat software progream from portableapps.com.

Albatron GeForce FX 5200 Ultra
Initially a good board, but there was something about this board that liked the 52.xx drivers.  If you installed any driver before or after the one that came on the installation CD, then the card would underclock itself and flash a warning message that the power cable isn’t plugged in.  Also add in that nVidia was still working on its HD support, so this card was relatively unusable with an analog HDTV.

OCZ Secure Duo 2GB SD Memory
Initially a very good product with good write spped, and an innovative physical interface.  Unfortunately this product completely broke within 2 months, and nothing would revive it.  After looking up for support on this card, many people have reported a similar problem.

HC Technology HD-720G Dolby Headphones
The Dolby headphones broke shortly after receiving them.  The wires just got crimped and kinked so that the headphones stopped working.

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