Problems with Condemned

I called support (1-800-4MY-Xbox) about the problem with Condemned. and they were very eager to blame other departments and shuffle me around without actually having to troubleshoot the problem… I was connected to a guy on the Xbox Live team (who could barely speak English) and he went thru the entire gamut of troubleshooting articles that any 5-year old would have already checked (are there any scratches on the disc, have you checked for available downloads… etc)… He even had me go to the Xbox website… like that’s going to do anything to help my problem. He put me on hold for several minutes 3 different times to “research” the problem.

The guy was obviously from India… not only did he have an obvious accent but kept referring to the “day” (and then catch himself and refer to “night) when I was calling at 7:00 at night.  This is absolutely fine, just admit you’re a cheap outsourced desk jockey from India and your name is not “Brad”.

All I need was information that only they are privy to… what did the update actually do and have there been any other complaints since the last update? He wouldn’t supply me with this information (“I don’t have that information in front of me” ). When I repeated my ignored question, he said he had to contact his supervisor. WTF?

The problem ended up being a dirty disc, but the Live updates DID disable the kiosk demo discs that are floating around the net.  My problem with this call was that MS was so secrative about what the updates are doing, and how they flat out refused to give this info out.
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