Problems MS & Co. Try to Push

However, the problems with MS & Co. trying to push this are:

a) Intel is trying to push a competing standard by integrating it into processors (for early attempts, see Pentium III Serial Number fiasco)

b) Sun Microsystems, the world’s largest UNIX vendor, is not behind it and is discouraging it (and I shouldn’t wonder why … Sun systems have had this functionality built into them for years from an OS standpoint …)

c) IBM, the world’s largest Linux vendor and only true mainframe vendor, is not behind it and is discouraging it (and has deeper pockets than all of those supporting it, combined).

d) Cray Research, a large DD contractor and maker of the world’s most powerful SuperComputers, is not behind it.

e) Most users are not behind it.

f) Apple Computer is ardently against it, choosing a software solution like Sun. (of course, Apple is anti-microsoft everything, so go figure).