Print IE7 Pages Without Headers or Footers


The headers and footers that always print along with the page when printing a page can be irritating. I know very well what page it was I printed, so it’s not useful to me to show the URL at the bottom of the page.

If you want to turn the headers off just for a one-time print, you can use the Print Preview window, and then click the button to “Turn headers and footers on or off”, shown below.

If you want to permanently turn these options off, you can use the Page Setup option instead.

Just click on Page Setup, and then you should see this dialog.

You can just remove the text in the textboxes completely in order to get rid of the headers and footers, or you can change the options to display page numbers at the bottom, or really any combination you want.

Here’s a full list of the options that you can use (You could also find these in the Vista help files, or possibly the IE7 ones)

code what it prints
&w Window Title
&u Page URL
&d Date in short format
&D Date in long format
&t Time in regular format as shown on the clock
&T Time in 24-hour format
&p Current page number
&P Total number of pages
&b right align the next text. (You can see it in the default header, where &b is placed before the Page text)
&b[TEXT]&b If you surround the text in &b on either side, it will center the text.
&& A single ampersand (&)

You can combine these in any format you want.

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