Prince of Persia Walkthrough


A Brief Foreword


Well, I’ve played all of the last generation PoP games, and I must say this  one is both weaker and stronger. I also played Okami, and I’ve played  Assassin’s Creed.

For one, the element of Okami, the beautiful graphics, are worth the play all on their own. The contrast between pure and corrupted highlights the cel- shaded graphics that were beautiful in previous generations and are only  that much better in high definition. You almost want to cleanse each area just to see the crisp, sharp shadows from the shining sun.

From Assassin’s Creed you have the easy jumping around, where most of the  paths are set before you and you only need to push the stick over and press a button most of the time. There are like five or so difficult jumping sections, and that may be a vast over-estimate. Where the AC combat was a bit difficult, this system is more or less very simple, with just a little explaining and  you can essentially fight the same fight for the entire game.

If you were diehard about the last series, for one, you can toss out the second game, Warrior Within. You can include most of Two Thrones, but for some reason that one didn’t work as much as the first. The first game was linear, the  combat had more depth than this game, and the puzzles and platforming was  worth owning.

This game is not worth owning, like Assassin’s Creed, but if not for the story elements for something later, you at least must give this game a try. The  story was nice, the characters a bit too smarmy, but I enjoyed the game and the set-pieces were nice. You can always pop on the old PoP skins and call it PoP4!


PS3 Xbox 360 Action
X A Jump, jump to thrown enemy, roll around in combat
Square X attack (should not use much)
O B use, grab in combat
Triangle Y Elika attacks, light your path set on map
R1/R2 RB/RT Block, grip-fall, drop, counter
L1/L2 LB/LT Talk to Elika
Right Stick Right Stick look
Left Stick Left Stick move
Start Start pause/save
Select Back map (you can teleport to clean areas)