Prey (Xbox 360) Review


Mankind's savior doesn't want the job

Living on a Cherokee Indian reservation doesn’t bode well for Tommy, are titular hero. His girlfriend Jen loves Tommy but has no desire to leave her home and her people. We pick up the situation at the bar that Jen works at as the game begins. Tommy clearly is on the losing end of his attempt to get Jen to leave with him and his Grandfather Enisi is only complicating things further by trying to get Tommy to accept his heritage.

So as we walk around the bar one of the first things you notice is that darn near everything can be played with. You can flush the toilets (whoopee!), play the video poker games, futz around with the jukebox (plays classic rock) and kick a couple of local boys asses when they start getting rude to your girl. But what’s this? A news report comes on and suddenly everything starts going all to hell. Green lights pierce the bar and Jen and Enisi begin being sucked up into the air soon followed by you.

It seems, that aliens have come for a visit and have every intention of killing off the human race. But while being transported through the spaceship with his loved ones, Tommy is granted a reprieve when what appears to be a human like creature plants a bomb and frees him from his bindings. Now Tommy, armed only with a pipe wrench and a bad attitude is desperate to find Jen and Enisi and get the hell off the alien’s spaceship.

But if that were it, then Prey would be guilty of only having a formulaic approach to the genre, fortunately, more plot devices are introduced and Tommy, who has never accepted his heritage discovers that in his Cherokee blood, the skills needed to fight the aliens are available. And only by accepting who he is, will he be able to save Jen and the world.

Now Prey does what so many FPS in the Genre fail to do. It sets the game up with a unique take on the genre. Tommy is not a super soldier (although it is discovered he was in the army) nor is he endowed with powered armor or force fields. No, Tommy’s unique abilities come from Cherokee lore, embracing mother nature and finding the inner peace in one’s self in order to awaken supernatural powers is all deeply rooted in Cherokee legend. And this abstract take on the genre propells you to want to play the game. Interesting characters, unique abilities and one hell of a kick ass adventure await anyone willing to play.