Preserve Your Online Anonynimity

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Reasons to by Anonymous

For many years, the only people who worried about being spied on whilst online were media pirates, which is ANYONE who downloads anything that has any form of copyright on it, and the actual criminals who do business online.  You know, bankers, lawyers, government officials, and the like.  But now with the NSA reading every filthy email you send your sweetheart while you’re away on business, more and more people worry about Big Brother snooping around the private lives we’ve all built online.

This article isn’t about stealing movies and music without getting caught.  This is about keeping a nosy government out of our emails and browsing history.  If you’re not harming anyone, then what you do online is of no concern to others, and especially no concern of a bunch of suits who want to censor the internet and peek at your private details without cause, and without regard for your privacy.


But I’m getting off track here.  Why you hide yourself online is your business, and none of mine.  I’m not here to spout right wing or left wing bureaucracy.  I’m only here to guide you through surfing the web anonymously.  There are hundreds of programs and tricks to keep you off the spies’ radars.  Some work, some don’t, and some are nothing more than internet rumors that never existed in the first place.  Spend some time in the underbelly of the web, and you’ll see what I mean.  The internet is the ultimate rumor mill, usually hindering progress instead of helping it.