PowerColor offers Lifetime Warranty

The PC Lifetime Warranty Program

To continue providing the best customer support and service, PowerColor introduces the PC Lifetime Warranty program . For our retail Graphics Card products purchased on or after January, 24, 2006, PowerColor will provide a lifetime warranty to the original purchaser of each retail product that the product will not suffer, in material or workmanship, from any defect that adversely affects the performance of the product. This lifetime warranty is valid for the life of the retail product, as so long as the original purchaser owns the product, based upon the following conditions:

  • PC Lifetime Warranty applies to all X1900 series retail Graphics Card
  • Product must be with no physical damage to the PCB, GPU/chipset, or components
  • Product must in retail package and have been registered with PowerColor.
  • Offer is only valid in the USA and Canada .
  • We will repair or replace the defective parts free of charge; however,there will be no refunds on the card .
  • User must pay shipping charge (not refundable) to return the product to PowerColor.

Product will be upgraded or distributed on a first come first serve basis at the sole discretion of PowerColor if products had been phased out or have limited availability for the PC Lifetime Warranty Program. .

If you agree to the preceding PC Lifetime Warranty policy, please enter your serial number below. Please make sure your card has first been registered in our Product Registration . If you have not already done so, please register your card .

POWERCOLOR reserves the right to claim for shipping fees along with a service charge* from the customer for any incomplete or modified product that is returned and requires repair or replacement, or when the customer is not entitled to any coverage under this lifetime warranty. POWERCOLOR provides this same lifetime warranty to any graphics card and repaired or replaced pursuant this lifetime warranty.

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