Power Supply Sleeving Guide


Sleeving the main wires

Looking for a sleek way to present your power supply’s ugly cabling? There are several methods of cleaning up the wire jungle, be it electrical tape, split loom, wire wrap, or expandable sleeving. This guide will assist you in your quest for a case with higher performance, and much better looks, especially if you have a case window.

A warning note before we begin, try this guide at your own risk, opening your power supply will void it’s warranty and could potentially shock you if you’re not careful. Ocmodshop is not responsible for any damage that could occur to your machine, now lets get started.

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Items needed

  • Paper clip, push pin, jewelers/Small screwdriver (or Molex pin extractor if you’d like to spend the money)
  • 2 feet of 3/8” and 1 foot or less of ¾” heat shrink
  • 5 feet 3/8” and 5 feet ¾” expandable Sleeving (depending on the length of your wires, you may need 10 feet of 3/8”)
  • Lighter or heat gun
  • Masking tape
  • Scissors
  • Zip ties (optional)

Out of the many choices of wire management out there, sleeving looks the most professional and is the most customizable to fit the color scheme of your case. You can find a wide variety of colored sleeving and heatshrink from mod stores on the web, like Performance-PC’s and SVC.com. To start off, first remove your power supply from your pc.

Flip the on/off switch several times to clear out any electricity (note: this might not remove it all, but it helps, be very careful when opening a power supply – if you wanted to be extra cautious, wait a day with the psu turned off) Remove the 4 screws keeping the cover on, and remove the cover as well.

The reason behind cracking open your PSU is to make sure that all the sleeving goes far enough up the wires, into the casing of it for a cleaner look. At this point you might want to label each strand of plugs with a piece of masking tape as to what purpose they serve in your machine (i.e. optical drives, hard drives, fans, etc)

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Next, its time to get working on taking the molex plugs off so you can slide the sleeving over it. My favorite way is using a simple medium sized paperclip – If this is too big for your PSU a push pin works well (you could also use a jeweler’s screwdriver with a flat head, like the kind for repairing glasses, but paperclips are free).

On the female molex connectors, slip the end of an un-stretched paperclip on the outside of one of the 4 pins, on each pin there are 2 little clips that need to be bended in, so you can remove the cable from the plastic housing. Push the paperclip in on both of them and slide the cable out.

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Repeat this procedure on each of the pins, until you have all of the plastic housing’s off. (Optionally you could use a molex pin extractor, which is easier, but isn’t worth it if you only plan to sleeve one or two PSU’s) Set them aside in a safe place, and then bring out the masking tape again. Place tape over the pins that were in the housing, this prevents them from snagging on the expandable sleeving. Don’t worry about the order of the wires, later on in this guide, I’ll explain which one goes where incase you forget.