Power Glow 420W Power Supply



Extreme Alterations (now Xoxide) sent over one of their 420w Power Glow power supplies. This power supply is the same one that comes in Chieftec cases however it has LED fans in it instead of clear ones.

This power supply seems to be competing with the Antec True Blue power supply which is basically the same thing. This power supply is both Pentium 4 ready and AMD approved so it should be able to handle whatever you want to throw at it. Now let’s take a closer look at this power supply and see how it does.

The power supply did not come in a box of it own, it was delivered in a regular priority mail box with packing material inside to protect it. The power supply itself comes in a bubble pack which keeps it relatively protected, especially with the packing foam. The only thing included with the power supply is the power cord which is normally what a power supply comes with.

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The power supply has the standard sticker on the side of it which indicates the specifications of the power that it will put out during operation, the model number, and some safety information. The back of the power supply is also pretty standard having an 80mm fan, switch, and plug for the power cord.

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From the bottom on the power supply you can see that it is temperature controlled and has another 80mm on fan to help pull more hot air away from your CPU and out of your case. The one thing that caught my eye about this power supply is that the warranty sticker was ripped already which means that the power supply comes with a voided warranty.