Power-Color Radeon 9200SE Review



Power-Color sent over one of their new video cards, a Radeon 9200SE. This card has some new and older technologies implemented into it such as SMARTSHADER, SMOOTHVISION, FULLSTREAM and VIDEO IMMERSION. Though DirectX 9 has come out this card is only DirectX 8.1 compatible. Even though this video card is a budget card it would have been nice for it to support DirectX 9. Below is a comparison chart between the Radeon 9200, 9200SE, and 9200 Pro. The 9200SE is the slowest in the 9200 series of cards and only has a 64-bit memory interface; as you can see this is definitely a budget card.

Performance Fast Faster Fastest
Memory Interface 64-bit 128-bit 128-bit

Below are the specifications for the video card that were pulled from the Power-Color website. The card looks to be pretty low end however it does have a lot of features that look like they will help the card perform well. Also the fact that this card is a low profile budget card makes it perfect for LAN applications or project systems.

Chipset Radeon 9200 Video in/out Video Out
Memory 64MB DDR TV Connector RCA
Core Speed 200MHz AGP 8x
Memory Speed 330MHz Game None
TV-out YES DVD software None
DVI YES Doungle None

Power-Color RADEON 9200™ SE9 series delivers a dazzling 3D experience to PC enthusiasts with the best performance in its class, optimized for today’s most compelling gaming environments and applications. Driven by an advance quad-pipe architecture, RADEON™ 9200 supports the AGP 8X standard, doubling the bandwidth of competing products and enabling more engaging characters and effects.

Pixel Processing Power

  • High performance of the RADEON™ 9200 Series is matched by competitive features and extra horsepower to deliver barrier-free entertainment.
  • Four rendering pipelines for the fastest 3D gaming performance in its class.
  • Full support for the AGP 8X standard doubles bandwidth for more engaging characters and environments.
  • The GPU speed is 200 MHz

Redefining Realism

  • RADEON™ 9200 Series sets new levels for visual realism in graphics and video content.
  • SMARTSHADER™ supports Microsoft® DirectX® 8.1 feature sets, enabling more complex and realistic lighting effects.
  • FULLSTREAM™ produces smoother-looking, higher quality streaming Internet content without putting extra strain on the CPU.
  • VIDEO IMMERSION™ integrates features to provide unprecedented support for digital and high definition video.
  • CHARISMA ENGINE II technology

Monitor Management

  • Choose your own RADEON™ 9200 adventure with highly customizable display features.
  • HYDRAVISION™, ATI’s multi-monitor management software, effortlessly organizes and controls multiple display configurations.
  • Integrated display controllers to drive two monitors simultaneously.
  • Enhance the gaming experience by utilizing independent resolutions and refresh rates.


  • 1 set A/V cable
  • Manual
  • CD Driver with S/W DVD player
  • Low Profile bracket