Portable NES? Barf!

So there is a new portable NES called the “Retro Mini Handheld NES System” that sells for $50 and plays real NES cartridges. It looks like this:


And, it runs on 4 AA batteries that supposedly run the machine for about 8 hours.

No. 1: If you still have NES cartridges around, you should have gotten rid of them in the 80s.

No. 2: If I saw anyone walking around with this machine, I would punch them in the face. It is huge! I don’t consider that machine hand-held at all.

No. 3: Who has a million AA batteries laying around that they can just swap every eight hours?

No. 4: Who would want to play this thing for 8 hours?

Any good NES games are already downloadable on the Wii. Time to upgrade. I hope I never see one of these for real.

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