Plunging Into Vista

I’ve had my copy of Vista for a few weeks, but have put off installing it.  The betas I tried  ended up not working out, primarially because of premature drivers… I would get BSODs all the time, usually related to my video or audio card.

I’ve chosen the weekend, because whenever I do upgrades to any of my PCs, it ends up taking the entire weekend (or longer).  I bought a new hard drive for the upgrade, so in case everything just flops, I’ll still have my old configuration untouched.
I really don’t want to install to my existing hard drive, because all these reinstallations have left several undeleteable directories (Documents.Windows, Program Files.X86, etc..).  I need a clean drive for once, dammit!
Also, one of the drives in my server is failing, so when I get Vista up, I’ll copy what I can salvage onto the old system partition.  I hope the Photos drive isn’t messed up, because I have about a year’s worth of family photos that aren’t backed up…
Even with the right drivers, Vista is going to take some getting used to; just because the UI is a completely different paradigm… last time I tried the betas it took me 30 minutes to figure out how to map a network drive!
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