Pinnacle’s Home Video Stuff at CES 2008


Best in Home Video production

Personal and personalized video content is not only more precious to people, it is quickly becoming the entertainment of choice as consumers buy and use lower-cost, high-performance camcorders; video-enabled cameras; web downloads and video-to-go personal media players (PMPs).

To put the fun back into video production and content distribution/sharing, Pinnacle Systems continues to expand the industry’s most widely known and used product line …the Studio family.

First Family of Video
Leading the cast are three versions of award-winning Studio 11 software — Studio 11,under $50; Studio 11 Plus, MSRP $99; Studio 11 Ultimate, under $130.

With support for today’s advanced AVCHD format, the Plus and Ultimate versions of Pinnacle Studio enable users to capture video from AVCHD camcorders and immediately edit content –without requiring cumbersome, time-consuming format conversion.  AVCHD delivers 1080i high-definition video requiring only half the storage capacity of MPEG 2. Videos edited in HDV or AVCHD format can be authored as HD DVD or AVCHD format discs using standard DVD media and played on the latest HD DVD and Blu-ray players.

Designed for Windows® XP and Windows Vista™ systems, Pinnacle Studio AVCHD products include an automated Smart Movie feature that makes it fast, easy for anyone to create entertaining movies in just a few easy steps.

The complete product line includes a scalable user interface that not only lets users keep software tools close at hand, it integrates with today’s widescreen monitor formats. Also included is Scorefitter™, a music generation tool that easily creates a soundtrack to match the exact length and mood of a video.

Studio 11 Plus includes all of the intuitive features of Pinnacle Studio and adds a host of advanced editing, effects and authoring options. The extensive range of features includes a complete HD workflow, with native HDV and AVCHD editing and disc burning.

Pinnacle Studio Ultimate combines Studio Plus with a selection of highly-acclaimed, fully integrated professional audio and video tools. Designed for serious video enthusiasts who want complete control over their video creations, Pinnacle Studio Ultimate includes BIAS Inc.’s SoundSoap™ audio cleaning tools, dramatic lighting and ‘film look’ effects from ProDAD VitaScene, precision Panning and Zooming with StageTools™ MovingPicture, and a Chroma Key green screen backdrop.