Pinnacle Video Capture Review


Record without a PC?

Remember the days of the old shoulder mount analog video cameras?  They weighed in at 187 pounds and that rubber eye piece made the skin around your eye sweat like a fat man trying to get into a wetsuit.  Not to mention the bulky VHS tapes and those short life batteries.  Thanks be given that we have moved into the digital era.

It’s only been about ten years since we moved on from VHS to compact VHS-C and then progressively the video cameras got smaller until we ended up with Digital Video.  1/25th the size of those old VHS monstrosities, and the average weight of those old batteries.  Thousands of families own them, and are happily transporting their video via I.Link, or Firewire, to their PCs every day to share the videos on YouTube or making DVDs to send to old Granny who just found out that we landed on the moon.  She also slept with Charlie Chaplin.

But somewhere in a cardboard box in the attic is a ton of old VHS movies with hours upon hours of memories filling them.  You have two options here.  You can either go to the Museum of Science and try to steal the one VCR they have on display there, or you can get Pinnacle Video Transfer and back your files up to a digital format in real time!

Pinnacle Video Transfer is the latest way turn analog video to digital video almost unattended.  Simply plug in your relic camcorder via the Audio/Video jacks, connect a USB-enabled device such as a Flash Drive, select your mode of video quality, press record on the Video Transfer, and press play on your camcorder.  The video transfers in H.264  Mpeg4 video at a 720×480 resolution.  At 30 frames per second.  That means no dropped frames and high quality video every time.

Luckily, I still have two of those old bulky camcorders that graced the store shelves for over $500 only 15 years ago.  I got each of them at Goodwill for $12 each.  Which should tell you something about that brand new Plasma TV you just unloaded for.  I laugh.

Here is some extra info on the Pinnacle Video Transfer, or PVT as I will call it to save an assload of typing time:

  • PC-less capture of your video to an iPod, PSP, USB 2.0 HD, or USB flash stick.
  • One touch start/stop recording from any video source including a TV, DVD player, PVR, camcorder, set-top box or gaming console.
  • High Quality MPEG-4 encoding in H.264 at up to 720×480 resolution.
  • S-Video, composite video and stereo audio analog inputs.
  • Compact size makes it perfect for traveling
  • Recharges iPod battery during video transfer (cable not included)