Piano is a Bitch with Acrylic Nails

So I got my nails done today, playing piano is a bitch with acrylic nails.  I only got them done so they’d look great for the wedding….

I also got my eyebrows waxed, the asians were laughing at me because the surrounding skin turned bright pink… it looked like I got hit in the head by a 2×4… or… a 1×2. I must have been a neaderthal (like Daniel, from Neanderthal land!) because they did inbetween the eyebrows too. Oh well.

I got a new bathing suit today! Go Old Navy 6 dollar clearance bikinis!

I have to go major shopping tonight (food shopping..I’m not that girly!). I opened my cupboards to find some moths fly out… yah.. bare. Sad. 

N Fest is in August! Hooray Modest Mouse and Red Hot Chili Peppers!! I’m so excited! I want to go really bad, but the tickets are so expensive! I like how Modest Mouse and Death Cab for Cutie are both from Washington. I pass Benjamin Gibbard’s house everyday almost…go talented Washingtonians!

Ugh I was just at WinCo (kinda like Costco or Sams club, but without the bulk foods..) and like a million people were wearing blue tooth headsets, and not even talking on them! OH MY GOD! I don’t think anybody gets called enough to warrant wearing a blue tooth headset in the grocery store! and they’re so involved with their damn phone that they don’t notice they’re completely blocking an aisle! Ugh and I got irritated because there were people in front of me (rather large, elephant-like people) who were all in one family with 5 shopping carts! WHO EATS THAT MUCH!!!?!? Geez.. they probably paid for it all in food-stamps too…. which took even longer! So I moved to a different checkout lane, and a woman in front of me pulled out a check book! What is this, 1985? F*ck I was mad…. I guess common sense isn’t all that common….

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