Photos Personalize the Holidays


Personalize Holiday Gifts

Personalize the Holidays with Photo Gifts
Most of us shudder thinking about last year’s “Store Wars” and would really like to give close friends and family members a unique, personal gift this season without braving the weather, fighting the crowds, or standing in long lines.

Something that’s affordable. Something they’ll thank you for – and really mean it!

You probably already have the most important parts of a truly memorable gift right on your computer, camera card, or CD.  The photos you’ve been taking at reunions, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays and past holidays are the key components…for personalized photo gifts.

Great idea, but who has the time???  Fortunately, now that we have digital photos, truly unique gifts are just a few clicks away.

World of Options
One of the outstanding features of the web is that there is a world of information, assistance, guidance and even tools available at no cost to those who want to search.  Locations such as are informational sites that also provide links to no-cost, low-cost and more in-depth products and services.

Some web sites such as Kodak Gallery, Shutterfly, and Photobucket not only offer free photo storage, but allow you easily choose photos from your collection to create collages, calendars, photo books and more. Simply create an account, upload your photos, and shop! Drag and drop pictures into templates, add a special message, and have your item delivered right to your door.

Other sites specialize in more elaborate gifts. You can have a photo added to a piece of jewelry at Photowow turns your photos into contemporary works of art, and Custom Photo Gifts creates memory quilts from your favorite pictures.


If you prefer to create your own custom gift, many software packages offer free or trial downloads.

With PhotoStory 3 for Windows, even novices can easily create a DVD slideshow of past holidays, document the year’s events, or celebrate a loved one’s life. Add music, nariation, and captions for a truly personal touch. Finish your DVD with a custom print using inkjet printable DVD’s.

Create a digital masterpiece with Corel’s Painter Essentials 4. In three simple steps, you can create sketches and paintings from photos.

If you look at your family memory project as part of a long-term plan to document your special moments, you’ll want to take a look at  This site makes it easy to build your photo book page by page.  You can even customize each page with any of the more than 400 templates.

Traditional scrapbooks are the perfect way to tell someone you think they’re special. Making a scrapbook or album is also a great way to spend quality time with your sister, daughter, or best friend during this chaotic, stressful season. Take an afternoon to reminisce, share special memories, and create a lasting treasure that will be enjoyed again and again.

Shopping online, designing and choosing personalized photo gifts will help you make certain your gift is unique and personal. There are a lot of great ideas and assistance on sites like and the other web locations listed there.

The best reason?

Members of your family and your close friends will keep and appreciate the gift for years to come and will always remember that it came from you!