Perfect Dark Zero (Xbox 360) Review


Great Assassin with great ass

Title Perfect Dark Zero
ESRB Rating Mature (Blood, Language, Violence)
Developer Rare, LTD.
Publisher Microsoft Game Studios
Release Date November 22, 2005
Platform Xbox 360
Genre First Person Shooter
Features Co-op, HDTV 1080i, Voice
Multiplayer Features 32 online players, Competitive and Team Oriented Online modes

At last year’s E3 Expo, Perfect Dark Zero for the 360 was being touted as the early “heir apparant” to the HALO mantle. Which made a certain amount of sense, since the Master Chief was not expected to be seen in the first year of the 360 and Microsoft Studios had a certain amount of expectations to fullfill. I mean, what would an Xbox launch be without a futuristic first person shooter with an enigmatic main character? Sorry Quake 4, but I’d rather see a hot chick shooting bad guys then yer ugly butt slogging through an alien war.

As a “prequel” really, Perfect Dark Zero re-introduces us to the “so hot, it hurts” Joanna Dark. Some of you out there may remember Joanna from the Nintendo 64 hit Perfect Dark. It was one of the very few rated M games on the N64 and a full tilt hit for the house that Mario built.

But, what difference does a few years make since the developer Rare has now allied with Microsoft in order to take advantage of the industry’s most powerful gaming system. There was some talk that this title was originally to be released on the Nintendo Gamecube, but with the visual’s that this title is pushing it’s clear that there is no way that this could have been put on the Gamecube without some serious quality degredation.

Well whatever the history was, PD0 is on the 360 so let’s discuss that. And the first thing that I am going to tell you is that our heroine is hot. Joanna Dark is a tawdry redhead that’s built for things not meant in Sunday morning service. She’s a lethal hand to hand expert who in the first “real” scenario of this game, kills like, 130 badguys. She can carry several different dual wielded pistols and mows down the most evil of triad criminals with deliciously lethal intent. Plus, she has the kind of steel resolve one needs to do the high tech espionage and cold blooded killing that takes place in this title.

Since this is a prequel, you do get to learn how Joanna became the woman she eventually becomes. Working with her hardass ex-cop/ex-Marine Father, Jack Dark and the mysterious intel agent Chandra, Joanna has her hands full as the newest member of Dark Bail Bonds. A sort of Private Investigation cum trouble shooting outfit that takes a lot of jobs that the police won’t even go near. Well, I can tell you that the single player game leads Joanna and her team through a rather dangerous conspiracy that (not to ruin anything for you) eventually may have the fate of the world hanging in the balance.

Yes, this title is exactly what the action Dr. ordered. Lots of bullet ridden action, clever devices to help in your missions and a driving storyline that helps wrap things up into a nice little package.