Actually, this sounds like a PEBCAK error (no offense). Since it sounds like you don’t load Windows XP too often, when you use the F6 floppy the Windows install will not even acknowledge that you hit F6 until much later in the install.

After it passes that point it will load the kernel executive, and after that it will ask you to insert a floppy disk. Once you select from the floppy disk what you want it to install, it will install the driver into the current kernel executive, followed by a pile of other SCSI drivers. Then it will begin the install, during which you will be asked for the floppy (again) to copy the files to the new Windows install driver database.

Also, make sure you’re only pushing F6 – other F keys can have adverse reactions on the Windows install later down the road if you’re not careful. about half of the F keys have a function during that stage of the install.