PcToys MAXX Video Card Heatpipe Cooler Review



I have reviewed a lot of Zalman products because I work pretty close with the company. Zalman as you probably know is a company which is dedicated to quiet cooling solutions. Today we take a look at the PcToys VGA MAXX Heatpipe Cooler which is basically an anodized blue Zalman HPA-80. It is designed for high end video cards such as the Geforce 3, Geforce 4 and ATi Radeon 9700. I previously reviewed the Zalman ZM17-Cu which was one of their first coolers for the video card which didn’t perform very well. To use this video card cooler your video card must have the mounting holes for a heatsink around the core. If your video card does not have the mounting holes you will not be able to use this product.


  • Model: ZM80A-HP
  • Weight: 400g
  • Heatpipe: Gold plated copper tube
  • Dissipation Material: Aluminum 6063T5
  • Dissipation Area: 1300cm

The package for the Zalman HPA-80 heatsink is pretty nice and is designed for retail stores rather than an online store. The really nice thing about the packaging for this product is that you can see everything you are getting. The back of the package has a good shot of the cooler on a red PCB video card and some more information about the product and the company.

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The ZMA-80 comes with all the parts needed which include the screws, nuts, nipples, thermal compound, and screwdriver. There is also a package of extra parts which is something that Zalman has always done which I really like because these parts are so small and easy to lose. There is also a manual provided which has detailed instructions on how to install the whole unit to your video card. The manual is very well laid out and has more than enough information so that you can properly install the heatsink.

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The HPA-80 comes with 2 sets of blocks for the front and back of the card. The reason that there are two sets included is because the hole positions on different types of video cards are in different locations. For video cards such as the Geforce 4 the holes are farther away from the GPU compared to a Geforce 3. The large block is designed to be used with Geforce 4 cards and the smaller set of blocks is designed to work with almost all other video cards such as Geforce 2, Geforce 3, ATi Radeon and so on.

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The main heatsinks for this VGA MAXX are very large and weigh a lot. They are almost as large as the video card itself and are much thicker. As you can see there is a front and a back and each one has four holes in it which are used to mount to the blocks. Along the heatsinks is a grove which runs the entire surface, this is used for the heatpipe to go into.

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