PC Help

I would totally seek help for my PC, however not for my childhood trauma… because it wasn’t my childhood that made me hate those pieces…. let me ‘splain:

1. When I worked at Mills Music there was this annoying autistic kid who thought it was funny to come in all the time and horribly bang out “Small World”. I wanted to kill the kid… because his parents thought he was an autistic savant and I thought he was an f’ing r-tard.
2. Mills Music again for Fur Elise, but when I was a kid I loved playing the song on the piano. I have heard so many people butchering it over the years, and have had so many students play the song how they want to without regard to my artistic instruction… I just moan when I hear it and try to keep my ears from bleeding as they pound out and ruin the intricacies of Beethoven’s lust song to his student.
Lol, but the difference there is that Kawai drives the Eclipse to school much farther away. Although it costs more for her to drive, that makes sense. If she drove the truck, proportionately the truck would probably cost twice as much as driving the Eclipse. Careful though… those Eclipses suck a$$. Dennis has one that’s dead and we’re trying to figure out where to bury it so we can get some insurance money……

I have Toyos on my car now, and they’re frickin’ sweet. But my other tires.. can’t exactly remember but I’m pretty sure they were low-pro Michelins. They had 40K miles on them and still performed great. However, my GTI is a manual with some traction control that I actually had to turn off to get anywhere. I was putting past all of those losers last winter in their rear-wheel drive Bimmers. However, I did have a Bimmer, a ’91 (I think) 535, and it did just fine with rear-wheel drive. I think if you’re an r-tard you shouldn’t be able to drive in the snow.

However, no snow last night like they predicted. Tonight? Maybe. I kind of hope so, it is so cold out here that I’m pissed there is no snow. I have to work right after school today, but then I have tomorrow off so I should be okay. Oh but I’m going to visit Alan tomorrow! Whoopie!!!!

bottled water is retarded. I just use my old plastic water containers (nalgene) until they get stinky, and then spend another $5 an get a new one for a few years use. Bottled water doesn’t help shiat. And I guess big cars aren’t all that bad if you don’t drive far. I think the key is just to save where you can…. like bringing your own bags when you go shopping!

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