PAX 2009 Schedule

Friday, 10:00am – 11:00am, Raven Theatre

“Bonus Round” LIVE

You’ve watched it every week on, and now you get to come to a historic live taping of The Bonus Round at PAX! Featuring host Geoff Keighley, N’Gai Croal, Brian Jarrard from Bungie and another surprise guest, The Bonus Round always raises the questions that matter most to the game industry. Plus, get your chance to ask a question LIVE on camera to our panel.

Friday, 10:30am – 11:30am, Unicorn Theatre

Game Design 101

Whether you’re starting out or have years of experience in the industry, every once in a while you have to return to the fundamentals. Game Design 101 will re-examine the basics of game design, exploring what it means to design in today’s industry. We will be looking at the relation between mechanics and narrative, enquiring into the difference between something that is challenging and something that is punishing, and exploring the different types of “fun”.

Panelists Include: James Portnow (Divide by Zero Games), Tom Abernathy (Microsoft), Richard Garfield (Game Designer, Three Donkeys), Jeff Skalski (Executive Producer, Mythic Entertainment, EA)
Friday, 10:30am – 11:30am, Wolfman Theatre

Game Developer Parents: Raising our Kids on Games Redux

In this panel several game developer parents will have an honest discussion about how we integrate games into our children’s lives. Attendees will learn directly from creators about how we feel games can and should be used to help educate our children, along with where we draw the lines on what is too much or is inappropriate for our kids.

Panelists Include: Brian Robbins [Moderator] – (Studio Head, Fuel Games Denver) , Jen MacLean (VP Business Development and IGDA Board of Directors, 38 Studios), Jason Coleman (VP Software, Big Huge Games), Ellen Beeman (Lead Producer, Microsoft Game Studios)
Friday, 11:30am – 12:30pm, Raven Theatre

Beyond Candyland

When most people think of board games, they imagine Monopoly, LIFE, Candyland, Pop-o-Matic Trouble, or perhaps Risk: games primarily of luck. There are, however, board games of skill that you’ve likely never heard of. Carcassonne and Settlers of Catan may have appeared on the Xbox, but these are just the tip of the iceberg. Come explore the theory and thought behind the so-called “German Board Games.”

Panelists Include: Brandon “Rym” DeCoster (Host, Geeknights), Scott Rubin (Co-Host, GeekNights)
Friday, 11:30am – 12:30pm, Serpent Theatre

Post-N’Gai, Post-EGM Video Game Journalism, or Where Do We Go Now

Last year at PAX, the Video Game Criticism panel of Chris Kohler (Wired), Karen Chu (ex-1up), Gus Mastrapa (The Onion), and Patrick Klepek (MTV) packed a PAX hall full to bursting with attendees eager to ask questions about video game reviews, criticism, journalism, and writing. This year, at least several of us will come back with more insight into the current state of games journalism even as its most talented writers and most legendary magazines are leaving the business.

Panelists Include: Karen Chu (Designer, PlayFirst), Chris Kohler (Editor,
Friday, 12:00pm – 1:00pm, Unicorn Theatre

Hey Ash, Whatcha Filmin: How to make a moderately successful viral video series that confuses the hell out of people.

“Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin,” while it hasn’t reached the lofty success of Zero Punctuation or the AVGN, still reliably pulls in at least 50,000 viewers every two weeks. Considering viewer feedback varies between total adoration and furious confusion, how does this viral video series stay afloat, and what can it teach aspiring gamer filmmakers? Anthony and Ashly Burch will analyze HAWP’s successes and failures while providing advice that may or may not consist of tidbits like “dress your sister up like Andrew Ryan and film yourself slapping her in the face.”

Panelists Include: Anthony Burch (Features Editor, HAWP co-creator/star, Ashly Burch (HAWP Co-Creator and Star,
Friday, 12:00pm – 1:00pm, Wolfman Theatre

Working with Fans to Create Better Video Games

Have you ever played a pre-released game at a trade show and talked to the developer about the design? Have you ever been invited to a usability test or playtest and wondered what they do with the information collected? Have you ever taken part in a private beta and wondered what happens to all of your feedback? Well, this session is for you! Come interact with game developers, producers, and consumer research professionals as we discuss how we have made better gaming experiences by involving you, the rabid gaming fan, throughout the development process!

Panelists Include: Charles Harrison (User Research Lead, Microsoft), John Baez (Co-Founder, The Behemoth), Mark Coates (Lead Producer, Microsoft), Mac Smith (User Research Engineer, Microsoft), D.R. Albright (Co-Founder, Signal Studios)
Friday, 1:00pm-2:00pm, Main Theatre

PAX 2009 Keynote Ron Gilbert

Because PAX is about culture, our keynote speakers are always tough to pick. We don’t have that laser-like focus for the show, so it’s not like some guy with a powerpoint deck that rattles off charts and numbers for an hour is going to cut it. We’ve wanted to get Ron to do our keynote for a while, and even though his resume alone qualifies him in regard to how he has shaped our pastime, it’s who he is today that tells us this keynote will be one to remember.

Friday, 1:00pm-2:00pm, Raven Theatre

Breaking into the Game Industry the Educated Way

Computer and video gaming industries have grown from niche markets to mainstream. Top studios seek top talent to make their multi-million dollar games. Colleges are picking up on this trend – even major universities have begun offering game design programs and degrees. What should you expect to get from this education? How can any curriculum keep up with the breakneck pace gaming technology is advancing? Educators and professionals discuss the real world value of a game degree.

Panelists Include: Denise Novosel [Moderator] – (Staffing Manager IEB and E&D, Microsoft), Kim Swift (Game Designer, Valve Software), Kelvin Sung (Associate Professor Computing and Software Systems, University of Washington Bothell), Ron Jenkins (The Guildhall at SMU, Deputy Director), Joshua Hernandez (Producer, Metamoorephosis)
Friday, 1:00pm – 2:30pm, Serpent Theatre

Mega64 Panel

The guys from got permission from their pastor to come back to PAX this year and show you their brand new videos. Oh, and answer your questions! They’ll answer any question you have. Pastor Mark said it was okay.

Panelists Include: Rocco Botte, Derrick Acosta, Shawn Chatfield, Garrett Hunter, Eric Baudour
Friday, 1:30pm – 2:30pm, Unicorn Theatre

Weapons 101

From shotguns and sniper rifles to the Agents of Doom and Rift Inducer, weapons are central to most action-games. Known for their unique weapon creations in the Resistance and Ratchet & Clank franchises, Insomniac Games will provide tips and strategies for creating memorable in-game weaponry as well as discuss the success behind the making of some of the series’ more popular weapons, The Groovitron and Mr. Zurkon. In addition, Insomniac Games will share with the audience new weapons and gameplay created for the upcoming release of Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.

Presented by Brian Allgeier (Game Director)
Friday 1:30pm – 2:30pm, Wolfman Theatre

Aion and the Evolution of the MMO genre

A major challenge facing MMOs today is that of wooing a global audience while remaining culturally relevant to all–delivering compelling gameplay and evolving a storyline that resonates with players around the world. Learn how NCsoft’s latest blockbuster MMO, Aion™, is addressing these challenges head on and helping to drive the evolution of the MMO genre. Key members of NCsoft’s Aion team will be on hand to talk and answer questions about the making of Aion and how it attempts to advance MMOs in a variety of areas including writing, emergent gameplay, and culturalization. We’ll also be conducting a special giveaway for a select number of audience members to be revealed at the end of the panel; you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

Friday 2:00pm – 3:00pm, Main Theatre

Penny Arcade Q&A #1

Make sure to get there early for this one, as its one of the most well attended panels of the show. Two mics on stage, two mics in the crowd. Line up for your questions and Gabe and Tycho will do their best to accommodate! And god, please no “who would win in a fight” questions. If you can’t make this particular Q&A, be sure to catch the second Penny Arcade Panel.

Friday, 2:30pm – 3:30pm, Raven Theatre

How can we make online gaming communities suck less?

Blogs divided. Fanboy forums. IRC Cliques. Vent Trolls. Twitter jabbing. Ban hammers! Why are we awesome in person and bastards online? Destructoid founders break down the online gamers’ nasty giga-phallus and talk best practices, world peace through technology, and more in an open panel discussion.

Panelists Include: Nick Chester [Moderator] – (Editor in Chief,, Jim Sterling (Reviews Editor,, Anthony Burch (Features Editor,, Chad Concelmo (Associate Editor,, Niero Gonzalez (Founder,
Friday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm, Unicorn Theatre

How to Make it in the Back Door: A Rainbow Colored Perspective of the Game Industry

The writing staff that makes up along with a few friends of the community are a mixture of people that work or have worked in the various fields of the gaming industry. Let us impart our wisdom of what the industry is like for anyone as well as what it can be like for someone doesn’t fit the status quo. We’ll tell people how we made it into programming, production, marketing, and media, impart our war stories from the trenches, and discuss other issues that can arise in the ever expanding ecosystem that is the game industry.

Panelists Include: Chip Smith (Programmer, Writer, and Project Manager, and Super Ego Games), Chris Shroyer (Producer, Project Manager, and Level Animator, and n-Space), Helen McWilliams (Producer, Harmonix), David Edison (Media Editor,, Matt Marquess (Senior Associate, Sparkpr)
Friday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm, Wolfman Theatre

Legal Issues in Contemporary Gaming

A followup to last year’s panel, this discussion will cover the latest developments in the legal arena surrounding games. Topics will include the recent decision in V.S.D.A. v. Schwarzenegger, Jack Thompson’s sanctions and Utah bill, licensing and copyright issues, microtransactions, and more.

Panelists Include: Dan Rosenthal [Moderator] – (Executive Director,, Tom Buscaglia (Attorney, The Game Attorney), Ross Dannenberg (Partner, Banner & Witcoff), Greg Boyd (Attorney at Davis & Gilbert LLP), Seth Krauss (General Counsel at Take Two Interactive)
Friday, 3:30pm – 4:30pm, Serpent Theatre

Prepare to Drop

Join members of the Bungie team for an in-depth look at the soon to be released Halo 3 : ODST and discussions around the game’s development. Project leads will guide you through a demo showing off the game’s key features and what makes playing as an ODST different from prior Halo games. Learn how the game went from conception to completion with a small team and a very short development cycle.

Panelists Include: Joseph Staten (Creative Director, Halo 3 : ODST, Bungie), Paul Bertone (Design Director, Halo 3 : ODST, Bungie), Curtis Creamer (Bungie), Brian Jarrard (Community & PR Director, Bungie)
Friday, 4:00pm – 5:00pm, Raven Theatre

Wizards of the Coast Art Directors’ Panel

Come see who the Wizards of the Coast Art Directors are and learn just exactly what we do at work. The topics of this panel will range from “How to get your work seen by Wizards”, to “What’s in a portfolio?” The floor will be opened at for questions at the end of the session so feel free to join us!

Friday, 4:30pm – 5:30pm, Unicorn Theatre

How Gamers Give: Improving the World Through Games

Most of us know that gamers are charitable folk, supporting a variety of causes ranging from improving children’s hospitals to researching orphan diseases. But how do you actually deliver millions of toys across the world or teach using the power of games? Panelists will share stories about the challenges of running gaming-related charities, charitable giving through games, and the future of gamer philanthropy. WARNING: Due to audience participation, there is a high chance attending this panel will make you feel good about yourself and help make the world a better place.

Panelists Include: Kristin Lindsay (Program Coordinator, Child’s Play), Jim Carol (Founder,, Jarrod Wolkowitz (GameSchool), Jia Ji (CEO, Couchange), Craig Wacker (Program Officer, The MacArthur Foundation)
Friday, 4:30pm – 5:30pm, Wolfman Theatre

Strategic Game Design

An overview of how to think about video game design and production from a strategic point of view. Warning: This talk involves the use of hard data and anecdotes about development highlights and woes.

Presented by: Geoffrey Zatkin (President & COO, EEDAR)
Friday, 5:00pm – 6:00pm, Serpent Theatre

If the Nerdcore Could Rise Up, it Could Get Elevated: Musical Guests Panel

Join a mix of our musical guests as they tell stories about their experiences as geek rock icons, what it’s like to have an Internet fanbase, the games and other influences they’ve had along the way, and what you should and shouldn’t do if you’re interested in starting up a band in this genre.

Friday, 5:30pm – 6:30pm, Raven Theatre

Live Taping of CO-OP at PAX

Learn how to make your own video podcast! Area 5 Media, formed after the breakup of 1UP’s video department, has a new, online show in the vein of The 1UP Show. CO-OP, currently available on iTunes and on the Revision3 website is the spiritual successor to The 1UP Show and features many of the same cast of characters. This panel will be a “live recording” of a special, PAX episode of CO-OP featuring YOU! Area 5 believes that every gamer has a brain and that the domain of game criticism shouldn’t be restricted just to those lucky enough to have it as their job. Two game chats will be shot in the same style as they are featured on CO-OP and will consist of two members of the Area 5 team (or guests) and at least one member from the CO-OP community. There will then be a demonstration of video-capture and editing processes followed by a Q&A session where anyone can ask questions either about the technicalities of creating a video podcast or about Area 5 and CO-OP.

Panelists Include: Matt Chandronait, Ryan O’Donnell, Cesar Quintero, Jay Frechette, Rob Bowen, Jason Bertrand.
Friday, 5:30pm – 6:30pm, Main Theatre

Spike Sneak Peeks

Every week Spike TV delivers huge world exclusives across the Video Game Awards, GameTrailers TV and Now all that excitement comes to PAX for the first time – and you can be in the audience! Join Spike’s Geoff Keighley and special guests for exclusive, never-before-seen demos and footage of the hottest upcoming games. You won’t see this footage online or on TV…you have to be at the panel to see it! Guests will include Tim Schafer with Brutal Legend and Naughty Dog with a brand-new look at Uncharted 2: Among Thieves.

Friday, 6:00pm – 7:00pm, Unicorn Theatre

Original Gangstas: Why Table-Top Gaming Still Packs Heat

In a digital age, trading cards, miniatures, and traditional boardgames are holding their own at the kitchen table and increasingly on XBLA. How could this be? More importantly, why should we care? Join a discussion on the evolving landscape of meatspace gaming from the perspective of game makers, publishers and players.

Panelists Include: Kevin Joyce [Moderator] – (Account Manager, Liquid Advertising) Tyler Bielman (Director of Product Development, Calliope Games), Matt Wilson (Creative Director, Privateer Press), Chris Nemcosky (Technical Manager and Senior Programmer, Big Huge Games), Richard Garfield (Game Designer, Three Donkeys), Steve Jackson (President and Editor-in-Chief, Steve Jackson Games)
Friday, 6:00pm – 7:00pm, Wolfman Theatre

Culture Wins in Game Marketing

It’s rare that popular games find success by accident. The games we loyally buy, play and talk about are carefully marketed to us. In this socially connected, post web.20 era, game marketers that understand how to ignite and participate in conversation and contribute to culture are winning their way into our PC’s, living rooms and basements. Join our panel discussion for a unique behind-the-scenes look at how today’s leading gaming companies are marketing their brands. We’ll even be asking an audience member to participate in our panel for a first-hand perspective on how a gaming consumer perceives the job today’s gaming marketers are doing.

Panelists include: Paco Allen (Creative Director, Silverfox), Chris Plummer (Producer, ngmoco), Ilja Rotelli (Director of Web Studio, Wizards of the Coast), John Davison (President and Co-Founder, What They Play), Omar Abdelwahed (Producer, Ubisoft), David Oh (Senior International Brand Editorial Manager, Ubisoft), Matt Nguyen (Game Designer, Ubisoft)
Friday, 7:00pm-8:00pm, Raven Theatre

Designing for Failure: Why Winning Sucks

When Monte Cook came to speak to Bioware in 2008, an interesting discussion ensued. While pondering the weaknesses of both CRPGs and MMOs, I observed that those games don’t do the one thing that make table-top RPGs so endearing, they don’t allow for failure. In this presentation, I’ll discuss the benefits of failure from both a behavioral and game play perspective. I’ll cover past games that have, in some form or other, allowed the player to fail without resorting to a reboot of the game, then point out why failing but later succeeding is a far better reward mechanic than just allowing the player to win.

Presented by Jason Booth (Senior Technical Designer, BioWare)
Friday, 7:00pm – 8:30pm, Unicorn Theatre

An Evening with Scott Kurtz

I basically stand on stage, talk about making webcomics and take Q&As about what I do. Which is awesome. I’m quite good.

Presented By Scott Kurtz (Cartoonist, Toonhound Studios, LLC)
Friday, 7:30pm-8:30pm, Main Theatre

LIVE ON-STAGE DEMO – Assassins Creed®II and Splinter Cell Conviction

Exclusive footage and insights behind two of this year’s most highly anticipated titles, LIVE on stage at PAX. Don’t miss out on two special guest speakers from the acclaimed Ubisoft Montreal Studios here to share insider secrets into these blockbuster titles. You won’t be disappointed!

Friday, 7:30pm – 8:30pm, Wolfman Theatre

Fanboy Stigmata

Fangirls and boys, unite! Then suck it up and stop acting like fanboys — there’s work to do. Listen as we relay the decade-long sorrows and triumphs of a scrappy fanbase. Cackle at the futility of petitions, boycotts, and nerd rage; bask in the warming glow of community and the zen doctrine of “screw this we’ll do it ourselves”. Enter as a fan; leave as a warrior trapped in the doughy and misshapen body of a fan.

Panelists include: Reid Young (Owner, Fangamer), Brian Jaworski (Staffer, Starmen.Net), Jon Kay (Designer, Fangamer), Kevin Williams (Administrator, Starmen.Net Forums)
Friday, 8:00pm – 9:00pm, Serpent Theatre

ChatterBox TreasureBox Game Show

Trivia to test the toughest gaming gurus. Three contestants compete against each other and the crowd as they try to protect a horde of prizes from whomever can answer correctly. That’s right, we’re out of beta and paying out to the mob so get those buzzer fingers ready.

Presented By Alon Waisman
Friday, 8:30pm – 9:30pm, Raven Theatre

THACO: The Movie

Get your geek on! THACO is the story of four nerds in their 30s: adults, but not grown up, who never quite get around to playing their dungeon adventure on their weekly game night. Jon (the rules lawyer) and Duck (the hardcore gamer) harass their dungeon master Bill while waiting for the perpetually late Aaron. They obsess over the games that have affected, infected, and generally warped their minds. Running time: 50 minutes.

Presented by Bill Stiteler (Writer and Director, THACO: The Movie)
Friday, 9:00pm – 10:30pm, Unicorn Theatre

The Guild Season 2 Screening

Watch all 12 episodes of The Guild Season 2 back to back, followed by a Q & A with cast members Jeff Lewis (Vork) and Sandep Parikh (Zaboo), moderated by producer Kim Evey.

Panelists Include: Jeff Lewis (Actor, The Guild), Sandeep Parikh (Actor, The Guild), Kim Evey (Producer, The Guild), Wil Wheaton (Actor, The Guild)
Friday, 9:00pm – 10:00pm, Wolfman Theatre

Psychiatry, Video Games, and Kids – The Science, The Opinions, and the Lies

Like most fields of study, psychiatry has struggled to keep pace with the rapid advancement of technology. From news reports to internet forums, the effect of video games on kids is a concept that brings out a wide range of opinions and passions. Controversial attorney Jack Thompson has been quoted as saying that the video game industry “has trained a nation of Manchurian Children”, suggesting a direct link between violent video games and sociopathic behaviours. What do the studies actually show, and what can we learn from them? This panel includes a sketch of the current scientific knowledge around this controversial topic, clinical trends that are being seen in children, and a solid debunking of common myths that persist in popular culture. Questions are welcome following the presentation.

Presented By Tyler Black (Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist, BC Children’s Hospital)
Friday, 9:30pm – 1:30am, Main Theatre

Friday Night Concerts!

Break out your cell phone and handheld gaming screens to welcome Anamanaguchi, Metroid Metal, and MCfrontalot for one night of our Nerdcore Concert Series. The first 4,000 attendees at PAX Friday afternoon will receive wristbands for guaranteed entry, with the remaining seats being distributed on a first-come. first-served basis.

Friday, 9:30pm – 10:30pm, Serpent Theatre

Listen UP LIVE at PAX

Garnett Lee, John Davison, David Ellis, and the legendary fourth chair return for a third live at PAX show. You can expect a number of 1UP Yours alums to join in as well. Be there for the special PAX edition of Whatcha’ Been Playin? followed by a question and answer session with the cast.

Panelists Include: Garnett Lee (Executive Producer,, David Ellis ( Producer,, John Davison (What They Play)
Saturday, 10:00am – 11:00am, Raven Theatre

Designing indie games with a team of one.

Michael Todd is an Indie Game Designer, who makes games as a 1-man team. He’ll be speaking about how he does this, methods he’s learned and the concept of making a game quickly. He’ll also be talking about why working solo is an awesome way to design games, especially for people just starting out.

Presented by Michael Todd
Saturday, 10:30am – 11:30am, Unicorn Theatre

Girls and Games: The Growing Role of Women in the Game Industry

According to the ESA, more than 43% of video gamers are female, making women the single largest untapped market segment in the gaming industry. Look at the milestones crossed and the hurdles to come as developers and publishers reach out to this previously overlooked demographic. Are current strategies effective? What does this mean for the game industry as a whole?

Panelist Include Jeff Kalles [Moderator] – (Penny Arcade), Annie VanderMeer Carlson (Freelance, Game Designer), Deirdra Kiai (Programmer, Hothead Games), Sandra Lew (Marketing Manager, Foundation 9 Entertainment), Cindy Armstrong (CEO, WebWars), Senta Jakobsen (COO, EA Dice Sweden)
Saturday, 10:30am – 11:30am, Wolfman Theatre

Losing Should be Fun

Winning is good, and losing is bad. We strive to win, and this is the basis for most of the games we play. Challenges are binary: we either overcome them, advancing the story, or fail, and must try again. But, what if we were to toss this conventional wisdom aside? What kinds of games would arise if we strove to make losing, instead of winning, the point?

Panelists include: Brandon “Rym” DeCoster (Host, GeekNights), Scott Rubin (Co-Host, GeekNights)
Saturday, 11:30am – 12:30pm, Serpent Theatre

Greetings from a Dead Tree Dinosaur Cartoonist

FoxTrot creator Bill Amend discusses the art of injecting gaming and geekery into the comics sections of America’s newspapers.

Presented by Bill Amend
Saturday, 11:30am – 12:30pm, Raven Theatre

G4’s TheFeed: Nightcap — PAX Edition

You are cordially invited to celebrate the launch of’s new weekly show TheFeed: Nightcap during a special live episode direct from the PAX floor! Show host and moderator Billy Berghammer will be joined by X-Play hosts Adam Sessler, Morgan Webb, and Blair Herter as well as’s Sterling McGarvey and Patrick Klepek for an hour-long PAXtravaganza: game impressions, spirited debate, and audience Q&A. You’ll also get the scoop on a special signing session with Adam, Morgan, and Blair later in the day.

Saturday, 12:00pm – 1:00pm, Unicorn Theatre

Now What? Keeping Community Engaged

You’ve built a gaming community, now what do you do with it? Community leaders (both corporate and grassroots) discuss how to keep a community fresh, fun, and sane.

Panelists Include: Christa Phillips Charter (Xbox LIVE Community Manager, Microsoft), Kevin “KP” Paul (Associate Community Manager, Xbox LIVE, Microsoft), Steven “Steve519” Artlip (Editor in Chief, Platform Nation), Jeff Rubenstein (Social Media Manager, Sony), Mike “Burnie” Burns (Writer and Director, Roosterteeth)
Saturday, 12:00pm – 1:00pm, Wolfman Theatre

Totally Rad Show Podcast and Q&A

The Totally Rad Show: Live – Hosts Alex Albrecht (Diggnation), Dan Trachtenberg, and Jeff Cannata bring their Webby and Podcast Award winning geek culture show back to PAX, this time for a live performance. Join the guys for an explosion of movie, video game, TV, and comic book news and reviews, and see what makes this Revision3 show such an Internet phenomenon.

Panelists include: Jeff Cannata (Host, Totally Rad Show), Alex Albrecht (Host, Totally Rad Show), Dan Trachtenberg (Host, Totally Rad Show)
Saturday, 1:00pm – 2:30pm, Main Theatre

Penny Arcade Makes a Strip!

Ever wonder what goes into making a Penny Arcade comic? Join Gabe and Tycho in the main theatre, and take part in creating Monday’s hilarious comic.

Saturday, 1:00pm – 2:00pm, Raven Theatre

What do Recruiters and Hiring Managers look for?

Tired of getting rejection letters? Interested in becoming a game developer but don’t know what to do? Come and talk to the people that are responsible for the gates to the studios. Learn how to prepare yourself with tips, tools and straight advice from the game industries top Recruiters and Hiring Managers.

Panelists Include: Jim Rivers [Moderator] – (Hiring Manager, Obsidian Entertainment), Lindsey McQueeney (Recruiter, Big Huge Games), Angela Baker (Insomniac Games)
Saturday, 1:00pm – 2:00pm, Serpent Theatre

Medium is the Massage: Story Matters

This panel will discuss how storytelling can affect and improve upon game design and gameplay. The audience will come away understanding how important story is to gameplay and how technology and interactivity can be leverage to effectively, or ineffectively, tell a story in a way that propels the gameplay and game forward in an interesting way.

Panelists Include: Denis Dyack (President, Silicon Knights), Joseph Staten (Bungie, Creative Director), Tim Schaefer (Founder, Double Fine) Adam Sessler, (editor-in-chief, G4), Greg Zeschuk (Group Creative Officer, RPG/MMO Group of EA and Co-Founder, BioWare)
Saturday, 1:30pm – 2:30pm, Unicorn Theatre

Twitter and Beyond – New Game Communities Online

Online game communities are changing rapidly as social media is being used more and more by gamers. No longer are people primarily congregating on official game forums. They’re talking with each other on Twitter, Facebook, and in other types of online communities about games. For this reason, Community Managers are actively leveraging social media tools to keep online communities informed and engaged with their games. This panel will discuss the exciting transition of game companies using social media to build, communicate with, and engage with players as well as highlight the macro-trends that impact all online communities. Panelists include executives from both the game development and social media side of the fence.

Panelists Include: Michelle Broderick [Moderator] – (Marketing Director and Community Manager,, Morgan Romine (Fragdoll Team Captain, Ubisoft), Jaap Tuinman (Director of Social, Community, & Online Marketing, EA), Sam Houston (Online Marketing Manager, Gamer DNA), Meghan Rodberg (Senior Manager of Online Community Relations, Turbine)
Saturday, 1:30pm – 2:30pm, Wolfman Theatre

That Arcade Feeling

As technological innovations continue to reshape the video games industry at a rapid pace, we can’t help but hold onto the creative arcade-style games of yesteryear that brought us countless hours of joy. Whether through design, characters or features reminiscent of years past, arcade-style games have re-emerged not as relics, but as new entertainment options that combine the old with the new to create a fun experience for all ages. Learn how Nexon has embraced that in its newest MMO title, Dungeon Fighter Online.

Panelists Include: Min Kim (Vice President of Marketing, Nexon America), Herb Yang (Managing Producer, Nexon America)
Saturday 2:30pm – 3:30pm Raven Theatre

Mission Architect: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Story

City of Heroes Mission Architect lets users generate their own content. It launched in April and over 250,000 stories have been created by players. The Paragon Studios developers are back to share their experiences with you, thePAXers ! What went well? What problems arose? How has this affected the way customers play City of Heroes? We’ll look at the good, the bad, the ugly, and the future of City of Heroes Mission Architect.

Saturday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm, Unicorn Theatre

Enforcement on Xbox LIVE: Tales From The Din

Enforcement on the Xbox LIVE service isn’t just about whacking the bad guys. Join Stephen “Stepto” Toulouse, head of Xbox LIVE Policy and Enforcement, as he walks you through not just the ins and outs of policing the service (along with some fun stories), but also working with game developers to keep ahead of the miscreants when designing their titles, and the gaming community as a whole to understand what gamers want. Stepto and his team will also take your questions about banning, cheating, or anything else you’d like to know about protecting the service.

Presented By Stephen Toulouse
Saturday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm, Wolfman Theatre

What is an ‘Indie Game’?

The rise in game platforms and distribution mechanisms has elevated the cultural profile of indie games. But along with this increased attention is an increasing debate about how to break through in the market. What really makes an indie title? Is it the game’s budget, art style, community outreach, or their distribution mechanism that really makes indies soar? This panel will examine the success stories within the indie gaming community to begin to expand and educate developers and gamers about this in-demand space.

Panelists include: N’Gai Croal [Moderator] – (Consultant, Writer, Columnist, Hit Detection LLC), Boyd Multerer (XNA General Manager, Microsoft), Simon Carless (Chairman, Independent Games Festival), Derek Yu (Editor-In-Chief, The Independent Gaming Source) James Silva (President, Ska Studios)
Saturday, 3:30pm – 4:30pm, Main Theatre

Star Wars: The Old Republic live demonstration

On Saturday at 3:30pm in the Main Theatre BioWare and LucasArts will present the first-ever live public demo of The Old Republic in the United States. Make sure to get in line early because there will be exclusives galore for attendees only.

Saturday, 4:00pm – 5:00pm, Raven Theatre

Make a Scene with Telltale—Monkey Island Madness!

Guybrush Threepwood is renowned for his sharp-as-nails wit—and in this panel, YOU get to put the words straight into the Mighty Pirate’s mouth! Team up with Telltale’s Tales of Monkey Island design team to write a swashbuckling scene, and we’ll wire it up right before your eyes. Dominic Armato, the official voice of Guybrush, will be on hand to speak the lines! Plus get all your burning Monkey Island, Sam & Max, and game design questions answered by the experts during the Q&A session. Plenty of piratey fun will be had by all. Arrrrr!

Saturday, 4:00pm – 5:00pm, Serpent Theatre

Pitch Your Game Idea

You’ve got 45 seconds to deliver your idea to our panel of experts. The top three pitches will be picked for prizes and swag! (Please note that this is an open forum — there’s nothing keeping anyone, judges and attendees alike, from stealing your ideas! If you’re not comfortable with this, please don’t pitch your idea!)

Panelists Include: Jeff Kalles, Greg Hjertager, Wil Wheaton
Saturday, 4:30pm – 5:30pm, Unicorn Theatre

Hal Halpin and Adam Sessler Talking Games

ECA President Hal Halpin and G4’s host of X-Play and Editor-in-Chief of games content, Adam Sessler discuss the hot topics that are affecting the video game industry today and look at trends that could impact gamers in the future. The panel will include questions from the audience and additional surprises to be announced.

Panelists Include: Hal Halpin, Adam Sessler
Saturday, 4:30pm – 5:30pm, Wolfman

The Art of the Dungeon Master

Being a great Dungeon Master requires a variety of skills. Part referee, part storyteller, and part actor. The art of the Dungeon Master is in combining all of these talents to become a superhuman, D&D-propelling package. Join Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition design team Chris Perkins, James Wyatt and Mike Mearls as they discuss various tips and tricks to bring the best adventure to your players, as well as ways to make them equal participants in the story. A Q&A sessions will follow the panel discussion.

Panelists Include: Mark Jessup [Moderator] – (Director of Marketing Communications, Wizards of the Coast), Chris Perkins (Senior Designer D&D, Wizards of the Coast), James Wyatt (Senior Designer D&D, Wizards of the Coast), Mike Mearls (Senior Designer D&D, Wizards of the Coast)
Saturday, 5:30pm – 6:30pm, Raven Theatre

The Making of a Hit Web Series

Join Kim Evey, Sandeep Parikh and Greg Benson, the creator/producer/directors of three of the web’s biggest sensations, “The Guild,” “The Legend of Neil,” and “Retarded Policeman.” They’ll tell you how they got their start in online video and then answer your questions about everything from content to distribution to funding. If you’re thinking about getting into online video and want to talk to the experts, this panel is for you!

Panelists Include: Kim Evey (Producer, Knights of Good Productions, Inc), Sandeep Parikh (Owner, Effin Funny), Greg Benson (Owner, Mediocre Films)
Saturday, 5:30pm – 6:30pm, Serpent Theatre

Harmonix Rock Band Network Panel

Rock Band Network is a groundbreaking initiative to empower musicians to put their songs into Rock Band themselves. But here’s the thing – it’s also pretty hard if you don’t know what you’re doing. Come see members of the Harmonix RBN team give a demonstration of the process from charting songs to playing them. With Special Guest – Jonathan Coulton.

Saturday, 6:00pm – 7:00pm, Main Theatre


You, us, Saturday evening at 6pm. Let’s be honest, you don’t have a date so just come to our panel and we can all be sad together. Just replace the word sad with the word drunk.

Saturday, 6:00pm – 7:00pm, Unicorn Theatre

Sex in Videogames: A comparative Study

Sex. It’s everywhere in American pop culture. Music? Since the 50’s. Film? Since 1908. Television? There’s a reason its called the boob tube. So why is sex in videogames considered so scandalous in America? Meanwhile, in Japan consoles such as the PC-FX, Dreamcast and 3DO owed much of their success to sex. Even the Super Famicom garnered a series of S&M games. Pink Gorilla and its panel of experts (including the return of President Kondou from Japan!) explore the the cultural differences between the United States and Japan when it comes to sex in videogames. This sexploration will include a comparative survey of the history of sex in videogames and its influence on the industry over the last 25 years. Sex…videogames…Pink Gorilla….and PAX! Does it get any better than that? Seriously.

Presented by: Nathan Paine [Owner, Pink Gorilla]
Saturday, 6:00pm – 7:00pm, Wolfman Theatre

Creating an Xbox Live Arcade Game

Listen to some of the best and worst experiences of Klei building for the Xbox LIVE Arcade. Also learn how Klei Entertainment’s recent partnership with Nexon and subsequent drama led them back to create the game they always wanted to make, and what that means for Jamie and the Klei crew.

Presented by: Jamie Cheng (CEO, Klei Entertainment Inc.)
Saturday, 7:00pm – 8:00pm, Raven Theatre

“I’ve Just Been F#$%ing Fired”: How To Get Back Into the Industry On Your Own Terms Through Mobile Game Development

This panel deals with how to cope with the aftermath of the economic tumult witnessed in the game industry over the last year. Each of our five panellists will discuss some of the unique options out there for disenfranchised talent to rebound from the recent downturn and resulting firing blitz, with a focus on the current explosion in casual and mobile gaming. In this regard, the panel will provide a special emphasis on the development potential of mobile game applications for the RIM suite of BlackBerry mobile devices, through an exciting new industry training program sponsored in part by RIM.

Panelists Include: Ian Christy (Senior Designer, EA), Tyler Sigman (Consulting Design Director, Big Sandwich Games), Matt Toner (CEO, Zeroes 2 Heroes Media), Nis Bojin (Program Manager, playWRITE), Brian Zubert (Senior Application Development Consulting – Mobile Gaming, Research in Motion)
Saturday, 7:00pm – 8:00pm, Serpent Theatre

The Giant Bomb Re-Reunion Tour: Tour Legit Tour Quit

Look. We enjoyed doing our panel last year, and we asked the PAX people if we could do it again, fully expecting to have to come up with some elaborate justification, but they just said “Sure!” So we’re not going to BS you either; this is just an excuse for the Giant Bomb crew to hang out and catch up with some of our old friends like 38 Studios’ Rich Gallup, Harmonix’s Alexis Alexander Navarro, and you, the greatest conference audience in the history of things. Also, there will be t-shirts given away. See you there!

Panelists Include: Jeff Gerstmann (Co-Founder, Giant Bomb), Ryan Davis (Co-Founder, Giant Bomb), Brad Shoemaker (Editor, Giant Bomb), Vinny Caravella (Producer, Giant Bomb), Alex Navarro (Publicist, Harmonix)
Saturday, 7:30pm – 8:30pm, Unicorn Theatre

The PAX 10 Panel

After sifting through over 150 submissions from a wealth of genres and gameplay hybrids (from “exploratory puzzle” to “rhythm/action”) the PAX 10 panel of industry experts selected the ten best submissions in terms of gameplay and “fun factor” for inclusion in The PAX 10. Come meet the developers behind this year’s PAX 10 — this will be an open Q&A session!

Moderated by: Jeff Kalles
Saturday, 7:30pm – 8:30pm, Wolfman Theatre

The Aesthetics of Play Control: The Role of User Interfaces in the Ongoing Discussion of Video Games as Art

While most panels at PAX are designed to give attendees a look behind the scenes of video game development, this panel is a little more academic in nature. Gamers love to talk about how video games can be “art” in the same way as books or movies. The problem is, video games are a very different medium from either of those, and talking about artistry in games while only referring to visuals and story misses out on the most important thing video games have that other media don’t – interactive control. This panel takes a look at how play control has progressed over the course of several console generations, and examines the ways in which the control itself can be said to have artistic value.

Presented by: Daniel Gronsky Ph. D.
Saturday, 8:30pm – 9:30pm, Raven Theatre

The Brodeo Reunion “LIVE!” at PAX ’09

The first weekly podcast of CGW/GFW Radio (or The Brodeo, as fans came to call the podcast) debuted on February 16, 2006 as part of the 1UP Radio Network on Over the course of its two-and-a-half year run, the weekly podcast’s format changed from a concise 30-minute roundtable focusing solely on PC games to a meandering bull session about the magazine business, griefing, Internet culture, comics, and PC games. The cast frequently took every opportunity to follow tangents far away from proposed topics – a trend that afforded followers a great number of laughs as well as a look at the preferences and personalities of each cast member. Today, people from around the world still listen to and enjoy the podcast, even though a new episode has not been released since September 17, 2008.”

Panelists Include: Jeff Green (EA), Shawn Elliot (2K Boston), Sean Molloy (Former CCG/GFW Editor), Ryan Scott (GameSpy and, Robert Ashley (
Saturday, 8:30pm – 9:30pm, Serpent Theatre

American Grifball League of America

American Grifball League of America Heard of the contagion that’s sweeping the nation? No, not Swine Flu, it’s Grifball! Created in late 2007 by Burnie Burns–writer and director of the hit internet series RedvsBlue (RoosterTeeth)–the concept for the game came from a line in a four-minute episode. This panel will discuss the history of Grifball, from concept to inception, show you how Grifball has developed, and how it’s played today. We’ll tell you about the official Grifball league, and how you can join the Grifball community. There is a reason why Grifball’s popularity has skyrocketed, and why it’s featured as a Bungie Double-Experience Weekend Playlist–to quote our slogan, “IT’S CONTAGIOUS!” Come listen to creator Burnie Burns as current AGLA administration and friends share their experiences and field questions on Halo 3’s greatest spin-off game!

Panelists Include: Burnie Burns (Creator of RedvsBlue and Grifball, Rooster Teeth), Leonardo ‘Leo Comerlato’ (Founder of, Drew Tannahill (GrifballHUB, Content Developer), Caleb Denecour (Grifball Commissioner,, Jordan Menze (Grifball Amateur League Administrator,, Adam Pisani (Grifball Pro League Administrator,, Kelli Dunlap (GrifballHub Content Developer)
Saturday, 9:00pm – 10:30pm, Unicorn Theatre

The Legend of Neil Season 2 Screening and Panel

The Legend of Neil, the story of a regular dude who gets sucked into Zelda and has to fight his way out, returns with an action-and-nostalgia packed second season. Neil stars Tony Janning, Mike Rose and Felicia Day (of Guild and Dr. Horrible fame) and is created by Sandeep Parikh (of The Guild)

Panelists Include: Sandeep Parikh (Creator / Co-Writer and Director, The Legend of Neil), Tony Janning (Star (Neil) and Co-Writer, The Legend of Neil)
Saturday, 9:00pm – 10:00pm, Wolfman Theatre

Touching a New Generation: How the iPhone has Changed Portable Gaming

While Sony and Nintendo square off in a battle over handheld supremacy, Apple has subverted them in revolutionizing portable gaming with the iPhone. What does it mean for hardcore games, casual newcomers, and the future of handheld gaming? Developers discuss the way forward, outlining challenges and opportunities in a new, broader handheld gaming environment.

Presented By Tracy Erickson (Apple Editor and US Correspondent, PocketGamer)
Saturday, 9:30pm – 1:00am, Main Theatre

Saturday Night Concerts!

We offer not one, but TWO nerdcore-filled nights for your auditory pleasure. Rock out with Freezepop, Paul and Storm, and Jonathan Coulton for our second night of geek concerts. The first 4,000 attendees at PAX on Saturday morning will receive a wristband for guaranteed entry, with the remaining seats being given away on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Saturday, 10:30pm – 12:00am, Wolfman Theatre

I Got Next – Screening and Panel

I Got Next is a documentary on the fighting video game scene created by Ian Cofino. It originally started as his senior project at Purchase College, School of Art and Design, and has grown into something much bigger thanks to the dedicated and passionate players in the community.

Sunday, 10:00am – 11:00am, Raven Theatre

Beyond Dungeons and Dragons

D&D is a great way to get into tabletop role playing games, and for most of us, it was our first foray into that world. As classic and dear to us as it is, however, it has certain limitations. If D&D was your first step, then we’re here to give you your next. You’ve probably never heard of Dogs in the Vineyard, InSpectres, The Burning Wheel, or a whole host of other amazing games. Broaden your gaming horizons, flex your role-playing muscles, and learn what comes after.

Panelists Include: Brandon “Rym” DeCoster [Moderator] – (Host, GeekNights), Scott Rubin (Co-Host, GeekNights), Luke Crane (Creator, Burning Wheel, Archaia Studio Press)
Sunday, 10:30am – 11:30am, Unicorn Theatre

The Future of Gaming: You Don’t Know What You’re Going to Get

The success of the Wii, the iPhone, and the rise of social gaming are already turning the entire video game industry on its head. Are you ready? Following up on last year’s standing-room-only talk on how developers really see their gamer audience, Andrew Mayer will explain to you why the next five years in gaming are going to bring massive changes to the industry, including what games we play, where we play them, and how we play. He’ll also take a look at the big issues: Is this really the last console generation? Why are your favorite developers already making games for Facebook and the iPhone? And he’ll show you how you’ll end up paying more to play your favorite games once everything is free. In this fast and furious look at the near future, Andrew will cover where things are going, how we’re going to get there, and what that’s going to mean to you as a gamer, whether you like it or not.

Presented By: Andrew Mayer (Social Gaming and User Experience Consultant, MediaShifter)
Sunday, 10:30am – 11:30am, Wolfman Theatre

Game Localization: A Behind-the-Scenes Look

The localization team of Alexander O. Smith and Joseph Reeder, known for their work on Final Fantasy XII, present a behind-the-scenes look at the game localization process. How long does it take to localize a mega-RPG? How does ADR (writing for lip sync) work and not work? What makes a localization not suck? Actual scripts, video clips, and Q&A session to follow.

Panelists include: Alexander O. Smith (Translator, Kajiya Productions), Joseph Reeder (Translator, Kajiya Productions)
Sunday, 11:00am – 12:00pm, Main Theatre

Star Wars: The Old Republic live demonstration

BioWare and LucasArts present their second live public demo of The Old Republic at PAX. Make sure to get in line early because there will be exclusives galore for attendees only.

Sunday, 11:30am – 12:30pm, Raven Theatre

Dawn of War II: Last Stand – Discover a game mode where it’s fun to lose.

To date, Dawn of War II’s core offerings have been its epic progression-based Campaign and fast-paced multiplayer that let you get straight to the action. In this panel, Relic developers will unveil a brand new game mode called The Last Stand that will expand the game to include co-operative based arcade gameplay. We will discuss the design intent and some of the obstacles we overcame while developing The Last Stand as well as the gameplay mechanics we used to ensure no one ever feels like a loser.

Sunday, 11:30am – 12:30pm, Serpent Theatre

Red Steel 2

Nintendo now has the first game built exclusively for Wii MotionPlus: Red Steel 2. Mysterious swordfighter – check. A desert-bound metropolis featuring a revolutionary swinging and shooting experience – check. IGN Wii’s Best Shooting Game E3 2009 – check. The Red Steel 2 team is coming from Paris to PAX: come take a look at the game and then get a chance to ask embarrassing questions to Jason Vandenberghe, the game’s creative director, and Roman Campos Oriola, lead game designer. And bring a friend or two … or your entire clan!

Sunday, 12:00pm – 1:00pm, Unicorn Theatre

LoadingReadyRun Panel

The crew of, the Desert Bus for Hope Charity Drive and The Escapist’s Unskippable will listen attentively to your questions, and respond by telling you things that may or may not actually be related to said questions. LoadingReadyRun, Desert Bus and Unskippable: All in one place!

Panelists Include: Graham Stark, Paul Saunders, Kathleen De Vere, Jeremy Petter, Matt Wiggins, James Turner, Morgan vanHumbeck, Bill Watt
Sunday, 12:00pm – 1:00pm, Wolfman Theatre

Game Culture: How Gamers Impact Society & How Policy Affects Gamer Culture

This panel will discuss the large scope of issues impacting gamers and gamer culture’s impact on the world.

Panelists include: Aaron Ruby [Moderator] – (Editor,, Sundance Giovanni (Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer, Major League Gaming), Jennifer Mercurio (Vice President & General Counsel, Entertainment Consumers Association), James Portnow (Founder and CEO, Divide by Zero Games)
Sunday, 12:30pm – 1:30pm, Main Theatre

The Second Penny Arcade Panel!

For their return tour of PAX 2009 they’re back for another Q&A! Live! On stage! Like never before! Except for that time on Friday! Line up for your questions and they’ll do their best to answer them. Anyone who starts with “who would win in a fight…” will be escorted out of the main theatre.

Sunday, 1:00pm – 2:00pm, Serpent Theatre

Murder, Sex & Drugs

Do video games have a cultural imperative to present serious topics seriously? That is the question the panelists will explore as they invite the audience to a discussion of video games, their focus on violent interaction, and their handling of sex, gender identity, and drug use.

Panelists Include: Corvus Elrod [Moderator] – (Narrative Design Consultant, Zakelro Story Studio), N’Gai Croal (Videogame Design Consultant, Hit Detection), Nels Anderson (Programmer, Hothead Games), Deirdra Kiai (Programmer, Hothead Games), Max Battcher (Indie Developer, Worldmaker), Damon Brown (Journalist and Author, Playboy and New York Post), Bonnie Ruberg (Freelance Journalist)
Sunday, 1:30pm – 2:30pm, Unicorn Theatre

OverClocked ReMix: Video Game Music Community

The creators of the Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix soundtrack, it’s OC ReMix! OCR’s video game music presentation includes their year in review, exclusive clips of upcoming ReMixes, tips on ReMixing and an in-depth Q&A. Beat up your fellow man in Capcom’s Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix and you’ll win some awesome free swag! Meet OCR crew like founder David Lloyd (djpretzel), Larry Oji (Liontamer), and a bunch more ReMixers and folks from the community for OCR’s 10th anniversary!

Panelists Include: David “djpretzel” Lloyd (Founder and President, OverClocked ReMix, LLC), Larry “Liontamer” Oji (Head Submissions Evaluator, OverClocked ReMix, LLC), Vinnie “Palpable” Prabhu (Judge, ReMixer, OverClocked ReMix, LLC)
Sunday 1:30pm – 2:30pm, Wolfman Theatre

Grassroots: Why Gamers are getting Involved & Why You Should Too

This panel will discuss how gamers are getting active, how their actions are affecting policy decisions, and how you can too.

Panelists include:Brett Schenker [Moderator] – (Online Advocacy Manager, Entertainment Consumers Association), Joel Bartlett (Assistant Director of Marketing, PETA) Adam Conner (Washington DC Associate for Privacy and Public Policy, Facebook), Michael Turk (Republican Internet Campaign Strategist and blogger,
Sunday, 2:30pm – 3:30pm, Raven Theatre

So you want to be a game designer?

Looking to become a game designer? Or maybe just hone your skills, but don’t know where to turn? Join James Portnow (Divide by Zero Games), Nick Fortugno (Rebel Monkey Studios), Darius Kazemi (Orbus Gameworks) and Stephen Schafer (Digipen) as they debate the education required for a modern game designer. Individual questions will be answered! Mechanics and narrative will be discussed! The virtues of game schools will be debated! The myth of “tightening the graphics on level three” will be debunked! … … … There will be BADGERS!!!!

Panelists Include: James Portnow (CEO, Divide by Zero Games), Nick Fortugno (Rebel Monkey Studios), Darius Kazemi (Orbus Gameworks), Stephen Schafer (Digipen)
Sunday, 2:30pm – 3:30pm, Serpent Theatre

Wil Wheaton presents: THE AWESOME HOUR!!1

Wil Wheaton first came to PAX in 2007, when he gave the keynote address that your parents won’t stop making you listen to in the car. In 2008, he returned for a panel that asked and answered the burning question, “Can Wil Wheaton really be a panel all by himself?” This year, Commodore Wil Wheaton welcomes you aboard the USS AWESOME for 60 minutes of story-telling, lingerie-dodging, mirth-making, myth-making, iconoclasting, and the obligatory burning-questioning … ing.

Presented by Wil Wheaton
Sunday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm, Unicorn Theatre

Retronauts: The Secret Best History of Gaming

1UP’s Retronauts podcast is about gaming’s history, and PA has been around long enough now that — no doubt unintentionally! — its archives serve as a running record of the past decade’s biggest events, news, releases, controversies, and failures. We look back through PA’s past and chronicle its role as, well, a chronicle.

Sunday, 3:00pm – 4:00pm, Wolfman Theatre

Digital Right Education: What Merchants and Rights Holders Do To Protect Consumers

This panel will discuss what rights holders and merchants do to educate and inform consumers about the market place and digital rights


Panelists include: Jennifer Mercurio [Moderator] – (Vice President & General Counsel, Entertainment Consumers Association) Fritz Kryman (Senior Director of Anti-Piracy and Government Affairs, Activision Blizzard, Inc), Jason Allen (Manager of Internet Enforcement, the Software & Information Industry Association), Robert Hunter (Digital Rights Consultant, Entertainment Consumers Association and President of Global Intellectual Property Securities, Inc)
Sunday, 4:00pm – 5:00pm, Raven Theatre

WTF is the matter with game reviews?

A panel of experienced game reviewers from across the web (Nick Chester from Destructoid, Nick Puleo from Co-Optimus, Phil Kollar from Current Gaming, and Chuck Husemann from GamingNexus) talk about what makes a good review and how to best communicate that opinion. The panel will discuss what goes into a review, how games should be considered in the context of their release, and the value (or lack thereof) of review scores.

Panelists Include: Charles Husemann [Moderator] – (Editor in Chief, GamingNexus), Phillip Kollar (Online Producer, Current Gaming), Nick Chester (Editor in Chief, Destructoid), Nick Puleo (Owner and Managing Editor, Co-optimus)
Trisha had a really epic biography, but made us take it down. Something to do with government conspiracies, Cthulu, and being the "Chosen One" or something. You can follow her on Twitter @TrishaDuerr.