Patriot Box Office Media Player Review


An Exterior Look

Inside the package is the Patriot Box Office appliance itself, HDMI cable, a set of screws, two USB cables, a power adapter, remote control, software CD, and quick-install guide.  No paper manual exists other than the picture guide, but a PDF version is available on the software CD.

The Box Office is a small black aluminum box which has been anodized black.  The front of the unit has one USB port, an IR receiver, and indicator LEDs for USB, internatl Hard Drive (HDD), LAN activity, and Power.  Both the left and right sides of the box have a “Box Office” logo etched into the brushed aluminum.

The back of the unit is where most of the connectivity ports are located.  From left to right, there are three legacy RCA ports (right audio, left audio, and composite video).  Next is an optical SPDIF port and HDMI port.  Next to that are two USB 2.0 ports: one is a mini type-B port (used only when connected to a PC), and a full-size  type-A port.  Next to that is a gigabit LAN port and a small DC-in port for the power adapter.

Above all of these connections is a power switch, which is used to completely turn the unit off, but the unit can be put in standby using the remote control.  Inline with the power switch is an array of ventillation holes used to help cool the unit off, but more on that later.  There are also two black screws on the left and right side of the rear, which can be removed to access the interior.

Why would you need to get inside?  Why to install an internal hard drive or SSD, that’s why!