Patrick Holloway and the Publishing Industry…Part 2

It’s been awhile everyone but I wanted to say hello. No, I’m not gone from [OC]modshop, nor is there anything going on. I’ve been hard at work on my book and we’re almost there. Just wanted to pop in and tell everyone some fun.

I went to a literary conference this weekend to talk about “The Gamer” and pitch it to agents. There is a sea of great writers here, young and old and some of them never get the time of day. Yours truly actually had everyone handing him buisness cards saying “Send us the manuscript.” Now after this is where I choke because I have had proposal requests before, but afterwords they send me a kind letter that basically says “Thanks, but F**k you!”

Oddly enough, I ran into a lady named Michelle Brower. I heard her giving a panel on what the process is and she mentioned she liked to agent comic books (an agent is the link between an author and a publishing house). Well when the panel was over I walked up and said in about 90 words a minute “I’m writing a book about life and video games, it’s a memoir, it’s awesome it’s really F**king awesome!!!”

“Wait what? Video Games?”

Of course as nervous as I am I’m failing eye contact and she’s wanting to jump up and slap me. but then in a nice kind sweet voice.

“I played Final Fantasy VII to death and missed school.”

The fact is, no one really gets the industry. I had someone who was in a publishing house say and I quote “Gamers don’t read, you’re gonna have problems with this.”

No one bothered telling her the Halo books were NY Times bestsellers.

Regardless, Brower was one of the nicest people I ran into. With that being said, I met a few others. I talked briefly with Matthew Mahoney (I know I’m spelling their names wrong) who even brought up Nintendo Power, old Nintendo Power.  He was just as enthusiastic, with all these people smiling and lighting up when I mention this project it means I’m doing SOMTHING right. We’re almost there.

Finally, Kate McKeen was another person I met who was an absolute class act of her own. She likes old Mario.

I’m writing this to just tell you guys. If you have an idea, just go forward with it and don’t stop until you win the damn idea over. I’ve got a collection of over 100 rejection letters and been doing this for well over a year now because I believe in a book about the negative life nerds had and what the video game industry once was. I’ve been told it’s a terrible idea when I started, now I got four people all wanting to see my proposal. Even if they all reject me, trying and failing truly gets you one step closer to succeeding. Regardless if these guys offer representation, it’s wonderful to meet these publishing guys and know they are great people with smiles on their faces. All I’ve dealt with so far is emails, so it was a different experience.

Don’t worry, Alan is behind me on this and been a great boss so I can work on the manuscript. Not too many bosses can look at me and say “Tell me what you need, I’ll do it.”

If any of you are good at book proposals shoot me an email. I’ll write somthing gaming related in a few days. Thanks for reading!!!

Patrick is a freelance gaming journalist and crime-fighting penguin at night. He has tweets, and you can follow them.