ParaWorld invites the community to the multiplayer demo challenge

Heusenstamm, August 18, 2006 – the ParaWorld multiplayer demo can now be downloaded for free. After comprehensive beta testing, all players can now play the hotly anticipated realtime strategy game at home at last. The official community
portal,, goes online at the same time. At the beginning of September the ParaWorld multiplayer demo challenge will be held there, with around 5,000 euros prize money at stake.

By downloading the ParaWorld multiplayer demo, RTS fans can now play the most eagerly awaited real-time strategy game of the year at home themselves. The demo can be downloaded and includes two maps for two and four players as well as the norsemen and dustrider tribes.

At the same time the official ParaWorld community portal goes online. ParaWorld fans can find contests, ranking lists, forums as well as the latest tips and tricks for the game here. At the beginning of September the ParaWorld multiplayer demo challenge will be held on, a contest in which demo players can compete against one another before the release of ParaWorld on September 15 and win a total of 5,000 euros and many other prizes.

ParaWorld Invites Community To Multiplayer-Demo Challenge is the main meeting place for ParaWorld players. From the very beginning the portal will be in several languages in order to unite the community from different countries. German, English, French and Italian will be available at the launch, with more languages to follow. By providing, SUNFLOWERS and the development studio SEK, are underlining the importance of the community to ParaWorld. The portal shows the high level of commitment and longterm support that the manufacturers would like to provide to ParaWorld and the community.

With a production budget of over 8 million euros, ParaWorld is the outcome of the most expensive production in the RTS genre ever carried out in German speaking countries. The 3-D real-time strategy game ParaWorld takes the player into a prehistoric parallel world with exotic tribes and powerful fighting dinosaurs. Apart from the unique storyline and sensational graphics the “Army Controller” is ParaWorld’s innovative highlight. It lets the player easily control all units and develop the people from a central point. This provides new and clear dimensions and control in real-time strategy