PapayaMobile Opening New Markets through “Gateway to China” Program for Android Developers


SAN FRANCISCO – June 30, 2011

PapayaMobile, Inc., the leading mobile social gaming community on Android with more than 19 million active users, today announces the launch of their “Gateway to China” program, the only turnkey solution for Western developers to launch their games in China. As Western mobile developers look to extend their reach, the Chinese market offers new opportunities for rapid growth, consisting of more than 800 million wireless subscribers and a virtual goods market projected to reach $4 billion in 2011. Developers interested in finding out how to enroll in Gateway to China can visit

The first wave of developers that will be participating in the program includes BulkyPix, Kiloo, Connect2Media, Mindstorm Studios and Digital Prunes who along with other Papaya developers will immediately have access to the following services:

• Free China localization services
• Game Reviews and access to other marketing channels
• Distribution and management of games in China App stores
• Introductions to China OEMs for pre-installs
• Easy access to China Billing Solutions through Papaya Social SDK

“With three years of experience working in China, PapayaMobile has established relationships with key handset manufacturers, app stores, wireless operators and press making Papaya the most widely distributed mobile Social Networking Service in this territory,” said Si Shen, CEO of PapayaMobile. “Our goal is to share these relationships with our developers so that they too can monetize off of the largest mobile market in the world.”

China is a challenging market for game developers to enter due to factors such as culture, economy and regulations. Distribution of Android apps in China is extremely difficult and fragmented due to the lack of Android Marketplace on all legally sold Android phones. As a result, developers looking for broad distribution need to launch their games in as many as ten app stores and also manage these relationships.

“Given the complexities and fragmentation of Android in China, it would have been extremely difficult and resource intensive for Kiloo to enter the China market alone,” said Jacob Moller, CEO of Kiloo, who recently partnered with PapayaMobile to launch their titles on Android. “We recognize the large potential of the Chinese market and want to establish a presence there now so we are well positioned in the future. This program allows us to do exactly that.”

“Entering into the Android China market at this stage is important to not only reach new users, but also to begin the brand building process for an entirely new market,” said Roger Davies, COO of Connect2Media. “Because of the differences in distribution, monetization, and regulation between the China market and the west, we need a local partner. Given Papaya’s long presence in the market, we are excited to be working with them on addressing this new opportunity for Connect2Media.”’

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PapayaMobile is Android’s leading social gaming network, offering a full suite of social gaming features, Android’s most diverse set of monetization tools, and the fastest 2D OpenGL engine. Papaya’s products allows developers to maximize the return on investment of their games, while virally marketing to the large Papaya user base to instantly increase user acquisition. Founded in 2008 by Si Shen and Wenjie Qian, Papaya is headquartered in Beijing and has an office in San Francisco, Calif. For more information, please visit: