Palm TX Handheld PDA



There are a few more issues I would like to mention that really surprise me, and seem to have just been poorly thought out by the folks who designed the TX. First, there is no LED anywhere on the unit. I can’t tell when it is charging! On every other PDA I’ve owned there was a little green light to let me know the energy was flowing, but now I just can’t be sure. Without an LED I can’t set the TX to give a silent alarm (it doesn’t vibrate either) to remind me of scheduled events. Nor is there a handy way to get low battery warnings when the indicator is not visible. Seriously, LEDs are so cheap, and so easy to incorporate into the design, there is no reason the TX should be without. By no means is this a deal-breaker, but it is disappointing.

Second, there is no way to turn the back light completely off. This does not affect most people, but I have been in settings with my other PDAs where the light was just right, and I didn’t need the back light on at all. The ability to turn it off saves energy, prolonging battery life. It is a small thing, but it would also have been nice. Thirdly, and this goes for PocketPCs too, there needs to be built-in printer support for high level PDAs. There are third-party applications that let you print…kinda, but native support has been too long coming.

All in all, this has been one of the very nicest PDA designs I have ever encountered, and certainly the best in terms of wireless ability and document handling. The interface is just superb, and not once have I become frustrated with trying to find my way around. I have also not had to do any resets. I have actually reset it once, just to see how long it took to reboot – it was about fifteen seconds. Bottom line, if you are looking for a fantastic PDA with excellent utility, multi-media ability, and entertainment value, put the Palm TX at the top of your list.

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