Palm TX Handheld PDA



With 100MB of memory, you probably won’t run out of space for your files either. If you do, there is a slot for SD/MMC cards, which come in sizes all the way up to 4GB these days, so no worries. Another nice point for alleviating memory fears is that the TX uses flash memory. What this means is that even if your battery drains to complete zero, your information will not be lost. This battery has lasted the past four days on one single charge with pretty regular use, listening to some music, watching part of a movie, and surfing the web. Battery life is good.

Installed software is everything a mobile business person needs. First and foremost is DataViz’s “Documents To Go.” This program handles Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents natively, and is very easy to use. You don’t have to store the files in any secret, hidden folders, or “install” them through physical syncing with the computer. You can simply copy to your SD card, beam the docs, or anything else you can think of. DataViz’s application is even easier for me to work with than the office functions on PocketPCs running WindowsMobile. Other applications are Calculator, Calendar, Contacts, Memos, and several others. There are also literally thousands of Palm programs, many of which are free, and it is very simple to install them to the TX.

Multimedia stuff is capable, but takes a bit of learning. The MP3 player, Pocket Tunes, is perfectly straight-forward, sounds good, you can create and manage playlists, and change skins. Only possible drawback is that it does not have an equalizer. You can also view and manage your photos. The screen delivers sharp, beautiful images. Video is a bit tricky, and not quite intuitive, and I’m not sure the quality of the player is that great. For a truly good, and 100% free, video player check out “The Core Pocket Media Player” on the web.