Painkiller: Hellwars Review


Painkiller delivers promise of Pain

Rating: Mature
Developer: People Can Fly
Publisher: DreamCatcher Interactive
Release Date: July 24, 2006
Genre: First-Person Shooter/Horror
Is your brain tired after the long missions of Halo’s campaign? Do you ache after lengthy sessions of Battlefield 2? Are you eyes tired after interminable creeping in Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory? Here. Take one and call me in the morning. Painkiller is just what you need.

Painkiller: Hell Wars, out now and retailing for $30, is a first-person shooter that although released in 2006 was born in 1994. The gameplay is very Doomish, with monsters spawning like crazy until, well, they don’t. Then it’s time for a checkpoint.

But don’t think that playing Painkiller will be just a decade-old retread. Painkiller manages to be mindless while including its own modern twists that make it a nice diversion from those pesky games that require brains to go with their brawn.

Painkiller starts with a corny cinematic (the first of many) that is probably best enjoyed in the company of good friends that can appreciate the lack of quality with you. There a number of these peppered throughout the single-player game–and some even feature partial nudity! “Classy” is one word I won’t often use in this review.