Packing for Dreamhack Winter 2012!

Dreamhack Winter 2012 is coming up, and OCmodshop is going to be there! I will try and give you a quick look into “the” world’s BIGGEST LAN-Party.

Sweden is an 11-hour drive from The Netherlands, and is quite a drive for many other Europeans, which is why Pack4Dreamhack is sponsoring trips to Dreamhack.

5 years in the past Pack4Dreamhack started with 16 people back then I also joined in with the fun.

Intel got word of P4DH sponsored us. Back then we rented a few cars and drove the 11 hour trip, that was one AWESOME road trip but the way back was a sleep deprived nightmare.

But an experience I will never forget.

Obviously Pack4Dreamhack has come a long way and I once again signed up for a trip to Dreamhack, and is sponsored by Intel, Logitech and

With a few extra sponsors they discarded the rental vans/cars and hired a double-decker coach, (called a bus for you Americans).  This increases the capacity from 16 to 78 people! More peepz equals more fun and I’m sure the fun will start even on the trip towards Sweden.

I`ll be going with them and give you a little look at what goes on at DH.



And for a quick list of things to come,

The DreamHack Main Stage is in the center of the party hall D and features the best festival content around the clock. Besides live performances from great live acts we also have severals partners, sponsors and of course the DreamHack Crew arranging activities.

Music / Performances / Lectures / Sponsors
Thursday November 22
16:00 – Lights Out: DreamHack Winter 2012 officially starts
18:00Kingston HyperX Photo competition
Friday November 23
02:00The Phree-Dee Experience
15:00DICE – First Decade Of Battlefield
18:00Kingston HyperX Photo competition
23:30Talangjakt med Kero! Powered By Webhallen
Saturday November 24
01:00dab Helbinde
15:00 – Posten
18:00Kingston HyperX Photo competition
19:00 Avatar
21:00 – F1nggy
22:00DreamHack Kreativ
Sunday November 25
01:00Ezitsuj & holgerDJ + Shuffle Competition
Personally I`m exited about Helblinde`s performance ;) velkommen til dreamhack.
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