Overlord (PC) Review


Have you kicked your Minions today?

Overlord is an adventure-RPG with solid fundamentals, beautiful graphics and tons of innovative features. But above all, it’s packed with humor and is quite simply a blast to play.

The game begins as a new and fairly weak Evil Overlord, controlled in a third-person view throughout the game. First off, you have to get your home tower operational, and then it’s time to recruit an army of cackling minions to do your bidding. You do so by killing sheep, bugs, enemies and so forth, then capturing their “life force” which works as a currency for spawning more minions.

Once you have a little horde, you send them forth with the click of a button to kill more sheep, or plunder crates for coin and weapons, or open doors, or carry power upgrades to the nearest teleport point, or… Well, you get the idea. In a nutshell, the developers did away with 90% of the mind-numbing tedium of regular RPGs. And it’s about time, I say.

Smashing crates and fetching stuff off platforms got boring and/or annoying in the early 90s. A few predecessors have dabbled with similar solutions (Pikmin comes to mind), but it has never been this smooth and intuitive. Now that Overlord has paved the way, there truly is no excuse for future RPGs to not follow suit. Think about how Supreme Commander revolutionized the RTS interface with the simple but elegant mouse-wheel principle instead of the old edge-of-screen-scrolling; this is equally important.