Overclocking Comments

here is a quote from my review when I got to overlocking…

“Because this motherboard has so many overclocking features I could tell from the start that things were going to go well. I decided to overclock normally by choosing the standard overclocking option and adjusting the FSB and voltage. After increasing the FSB and adding more voltage as needed my final result was a FSB of 265 taking my 2.8GHz P4 to 3.7GHz! With this overclock it also pushed my Corsair memory to DDR706 which is extremely impressive. To achieve this overclock I flashed the BIOS to version 1003 and set the DDR voltage to 1.9v, northbridge to 1.5v, and CPU to 1.5875v. I also locked the PCI-Express to 100Mhz and PCI to 33.33MHz. Unfortunately my cooling got in the way after increasing the CPU voltage causing it overheat and shutdown my system. I know this motherboard could have given me more, however without watercooling my processor would have been in danger. A feature that I really like is the CPU Parameter Recall which resets the BIOS to the previous settings if the system hangs due to an overclock failure. This makes overclock much more fun eliminating the need to clear the CMOS and reset everything if the boot fails.”

A couple of things that I have comments on…

1. Have you locked the PCI bus, thats probably the reason you are getting HDD corruption. When you increase the FSB you are gonig to make the PCI bus run faster as well. This normally will result in the OS being corrupted. There is an option to lock the FSB, I would do this and set it to 33.33MHz

2. To get a better and more stable overclock lock your PCI (33.33MHz) and AGP (66MHz) bus. Once you get the system maxed out as far as FSB goes you can increase the PCI and AGP bus if you really want to.

3. Your CPU temps seem a little high, I know the LGA775 processors run pretty hot but the DD setup should keep it cooler than that I think. What kind of thermal compound are you using and are you sure you have the waterblock seated correctly?

4. Do you have the waterblock as the first block in the loop then the chipset block?

5. Danger Den does have a GPU block for you X800 (http://www.dangerdenstore.com/product.php?productid=63&cat=48&page=1)

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