Over Being Sick

Dude, I am over being sick right now. I just have a really bad headache, but then I’ll be okay. Excedrin, here we go!

Working right now, cause I didn’t work yesterday. My head has been pounding all morning, but drugs and water have definitely helped.

I can’t believe my last Dosage Calculations class is next week. Then my final is on Saturday. I’m psyched to begin Introduction to Pharmacology. Woot!

Dude….(saying “dude” a lot apparently)….I just found out tax stimulus checks are being directly deposited a full week ahead of schedule. I’m so excited!!! :eton_jaune: Unfortunately, all of the moola is going to VW to pay for my ginormous car payment. Yuck. Damn Dennis gets an extra $300 just because he has spawn. No fair.

Inhaling incense….ahhhhhhh

Read some books about being a stepmom yesterday with my sick time. I’ve been really frustrated with the way my stepkid has been acting, but luckily Dennis has agreed that it is time to lay down the law. Apparently when a kid yells “You’re not my mom” you have the right to say “Duh, and you’re not my daughter/son”. :diable: Although I do think that is somewhat inappropriate….

Lastly: check out this wacky true story I read last week (paraphrased by me):

A gentleman in need of a new heart finally received one after a long wait. Interested in thanking the donating family, he learned that the heart was from a man who committed suicide via blowing his brains out. The man with his heart decided to meet the donor’s family and widow. He found the widow to be so hawt that he then married her. Last week, after several years of marriage, the man with the donor heart was found dead in the barn. Apparently he committed suicide by blowing his brains out as well.

Was it the woman or the heart? Who knows!?!? But isn’t that :censure: up!?

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