Otterbox iPod Touch Armor Case


I love the great outdoors. I love hiking, camping, mountain biking, and listening to music. However, I am completely obsessive compulsive about keeping my iTouch free of scratches, meaning that until now it has been excluded from all of my outdoor excursions. Well, not anymore!

I have an Otterbox Armor Case for my iPod Video (read our review here), so I was ecstatic to receive one for my iTouch. Finally, I could bring my iTouch out with me without wondering if the cheap case protecting it would break apart upon impact.

For those that need some review: the Otterbox Armor Case is meant to protect against scratches, dust, sand/dirt, and drops. It is also waterproof for depths up to three feet. The screen is covered by a thin membrane and the rest of the case is made from tough impact-absorbing rubber. The case has a headphone jack coming from the bottom of it and a tight belt clip that doesn’t let go easily.

The 2nd generation Armor Case is definitely not your “daily driver” of iTouch cases. It is quite large compared to other cases available and measures 6.00″ x 3.2″ x .72″. You will also need to take your iTouch out of the case in order to charge it, as there are no openings besides the headphone jack.

The screen cover works wonderfully with the iTouch. My icons were just as responsive through the membrane as with my regular stick-on screen protector, and that’s saying a lot considering I left that sticky protector on while using the case, essentially utilizing two screen protectors at once.  The central button that covers the iTouch’s “home” button also works well and is very quick to respond.

The bulk of the Armor Case is worth it if you’re trying to protect your iTouch while roughing it. No other case that I’ve tried makes me feel as comfortable using my iTouch outside. Although all of the situations that I tested the case in were during camping kinds of activities, this case would also work well for those doing long-distance cycling, kayaking, or any other activity that puts the iTouch at risk for a rough landing. I wouldn’t recommend this case for running or walking though… it is just too big and an armband would work much better.

The case works for 2nd generation iPod Touches and with all models (8, 16, and 32GB). Since the iTouch is known to be very fragile, I would spend $49.95 to protect it in a heart beat… especially with the several gigabytes of schedules, flashcards, medical dictionaries, music, pictures, cocktail apps, and all the other crap that people depend on daily to get by that would have to be replaced should the iTouch get broken. Well worth the money.

REPORT CARD : Otterbox iPod Touch 2nd Generation Armor Case
category rating comments
Quality 5 Screen protector, button, and latch all work very well.  The materials don’t feel cheaply made
Innovation 5 No other cases quite like it. Great technology still works
Performance 5 Does what it’s supposed to do…not let my iTouch break!
Installation 4 iTouch fits in easily, but must be removed for charging.
Value 5 $50 for this case or $300 for a new iTouch? You do the  math.  You can even find them for $30 here.
FINAL VERDICT: 5 out of 5 stars
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